Flea Control Products for the Home

Flea control products are a good thing for virtually every pet owner to do some research on, as fleas can strike in most any home or house environment. If your pet has fleas, you'll be able to tell by his behavior; he'll likely scratch, chew and rub on his body in various ways in an attempt to rid himself of the itchy bites that fleas give him. You may even be able to see small bumps and irritated spots where the fleas have attacked.

If your pet has fleas, it's a good bet that they are in the house and that they may even eventually reach you and other people in your home as well. Read on for a few of the best flea control products.

Carpet Treatments

Fleas thrive in carpeted environments, because they can easily hide and avoid being picked up by cleaners and vacuums. They can then jump onto the legs of your dog or onto you and proceed to work their way around your body, biting you as they go. A carpet treatment is a way that you can wash your carpet with a particfular type of pesticide drug that will kill fleas at various stages of their lives. However, it can be dangerous because it's hard to avoid the carpet treatment getting into the rest of the environment; you don't want your dog to eventually end up eating some of the carpet treatment chemicals.

Flea Baths

To keep fleas off of your pet, consider purchasing and using flea baths regularly. This can keep fleas off of your pet, which also helps in turn to keep them off of your floors, furniture and out of your home in general. Bathe your pet two or three times with the flea treatment at intervals of a few days each; this will ensure that you've eliminated not only all of the live fleas but also all of the larvae and eggs as well.

Foggers to Kill Fleas

Foggers transmit flea killing agents throughout a home and in the atmosphere. They are quite effective at eliminating fleas from a large area. However, like carpet treatments, they do pose some threat to pets and to children as well. They create slightly poisonous and somewhat harmful pockets of air in the home that are easily breathed in by pets and people alike.

Ultrasonic Flea Repellers

In terms of the overall safety of your pet, your family and you in your flea treatment option, the ultrasonic flea repeller is the best. It produces no harmful chemicals, gases or other side effects which may cause damage to you or to anyone in your home. In fact, these repellers work to eliminate fleas by transmitting a certain type of ultrasonic vibration which helps in turn to repel the fleas. However, they are oftentimes seen as less effective than their other treatments and preventative measures for keeping fleas out of your home and off your pet.