Flea Control with Borax

Flea control may be a difficult task, as fleas reproduce rapidly and they also leave eggs and larvae behind, which can develop into adult fleas even after all the adult fleas are killed with an anti flea product. Borax or boric acid can be used as a flea removal solution. The solution may also be used to eliminate the flea eggs and larvae from the carpets, furniture and the dog’s environment.

Benefits of Borax for Flea Control

Borax is a topical solution to be used in dogs that are affected by fleas. The solution contains boric acid, which effectively kills the adult fleas, eggs and larvae.

The borax solution should be used in a mixture with water, as it is strong enough to be effective even when diluted.

Borax may also be used to clean the dog’s environment and to remove the flea eggs and larvae, so that these won’t develop and cause a new outbreak of fleas in your pet after he has been treated. The solution should be left in the carpets and furniture for 3 to 5 hours, so that it will be effective. Meanwhile, you should make sure the dog is not in the treated area, as he may ingest the solution and this may be toxic.

Disadvantages of Borax

Borax can be an effective flea remedy, but it may also have a few disadvantages.

Firstly, the boric acid is a chemical that may be toxic for the dog when ingested, so it should be used only externally.

If you have children, they should be kept away from the treated areas for at least 24 hours, until the solution evaporates completely. When performing a cleaning with borax, it’s best to take your children to a friend overnight. You should also vacuum the carpets prior to allowing your kids to return to your home, so that they won’t be able to inhale or ingest the remaining substance.

The solution should be reapplied at least twice to make sure all flea eggs and larvae are eliminated.

The borax treatment should be used only as a short term remedy. If your dog gets re-infested with fleas, you should avoid using borax again, as it may be dangerous.

Borax and Other Flea Remedies

Borax can be used alone as a flea remedy, but it may also be combined with other flea solutions to speed up the elimination of the parasites.

The use of boric acid may be safely combined with:

  • Citronella spray
  • Lemongrass
  • Advantage
  • Front Line

Borax may also be mixed with Advantage or Front Line and this solution can be particularly effective, as the fleas will not be able to reproduce.

Borax may be safely used in conjunction with any other oral pet medications, but make sure you consult the vet if your dog has any topical creams that he needs to use on a regular basis, as the boric acid may react with the compounds of certain ointments.