How Effective Are Natural Dog Mange Cure Products?

Finding a dog mange cure may prove to be difficult. There are many products available, both medicinal and natural, that aim to cure this problem. Natural remedies are quickly becoming popular due to the limited possibilities of side effects and interaction with other drugs. There are a few natural products that are very effective at curing dog mange. Due to the nature of this infection, and the differences from dog to dog, you may find varying success, so it's recommended to be persistent when seeking a cure.

Dog Mange and the Immune System

It is very important to note that most dogs carry a population of mites in small numbers. A healthy immune system will keep any mites under control, causing no clinical problems. When the immune system is immature, as with puppies, or suppressed due to stress or other disease or infection, mites will begin to multiply quickly and cause signs and symptoms of mange. It's very important to use homeopathic remedies and/or keep your dog's diet in check to begin re-strengthening the immune system. These procedures coupled with natural products will provide an advantage when attempting to cure dog mange.

Dietary Changes

There are a few key points to consider when attempting to strengthen the immune system. Adding certain food types, while avoiding others, will have a very significant effect on a weakened immune system. Mites feed on yeast living in the body. Yeast feeds on sugars derived from carbohydrates. This means it's of utmost importance to consider the quality of your dog's food. Ideally, you'll want to provide your dog with only raw meat and bones during this crucial period, avoiding all grains and vegetables. Keep in mind that many commercial dog foods that claim to be meat-based are made from meat byproducts and contain large amounts of grain and carbs. Additionally, you might want to add immune system boosting supplements like probiotics or enzymes, or herbal supplements like echinacea, grapefruit seed extract, milk thistle or burdock root.

Natural Topical Treatments for Curing Mange

The consensus points to one particular natural remedy as being the most effective as a dog mange cure. You might want to begin here. Get some Borax from your local grocery detergent aisle. Borax is a boron compound, a mineral and a salt of boric acid. Do not use pure boric acid, as it is toxic to dogs. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Borax per 500cc of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, mix and wash the dog with this solution once per week. It is very important that you do not rinse this solution off the dog. Just leave it on and allow it to dry naturally. This solution is not painful to the dog, and should only take 1 to 2 months of weekly application.

Other Natural Remedies

Many other natural remedies are available to help cure dog mange. If you prefer, you may wish to try the following:

  • Nu-Stock - Available at pet stores online.
  • Neem oil or neem shampoo - Mix pure oil with almond or olive oil. Dilute well for sensitive skin.
  • Mix 3 tablespoons organic lemon juice, two ounces of witch hazel and four ounces of distilled water. Apply to sores with a sponge.