Flea Products with IGR (Insect Growth Regulators)

Flea products containing IGR (insect growth regulators) are a non-toxic alternative to chemical pesticides in shampoos, flea collars and ointments. These products use ingredients which act as a growth hormone for potentially harmful insects by prohibiting their growth stages and therefore stopping the life-cycle. These products are inexpensive, easy to use and highly effective at ridding your home and your pets of fleas. There are many flea products available that take advantage of the IGR technology. Most commonly you will find products that contain either methoprene or nylar.

Methoprene Flea Products

Flea products containing methoprene are used to prevent the egg and larvae stages of flea development. Fleas go through a 4-stage development process before they reach adulthood, when they begin to infest your home, bite and reproduce rapidly. Methoprene will not kill adult fleas, but will inhibit the maturity of developing fleas to stop the infestation from taking over your home. This particular product, available in brands like Precor (used in professional pest control products), is adversely affected by sunlight, so it works only indoors. This ingredient can be safely used alone or mixed with other non-toxic flea control products for larger range of use. Methoprene is also included with other ingredients in effective flea and tick control products such as Frontline Plus

Nylar Flea Products

Nylar is an ingredient in non-toxic flea products like Adams Plus Flea and Tick Mist and Flea Fix. Since this material is photostable, it can be effectively used both inside and outside for control of both fleas and roaches. This ingredient is effective for 3 to 6 months when used indoors and at least 30 days when used outside. Nylar can also be safely mixed with other insect control products and is available in liquid and aerosol forms. Many products containing these ingredients are commercially available at pet stores and online, and can be offered with other non-toxic materials used to kill adult fleas as well. For example, Adams Plus also includes pyrethrins, a natural insecticide derived from the chrysantemum plant. This ingredient will not only rid your home and yard of adult fleas, but is also effective on other insects and pests, such as mosquitos and ticks.

Additional Information

Flea products containing IGR use a synthetic duplicate of the insect hormone which regulates growth and maturation. This hormone is unique to certain insects and therefore administration of flea products containing IGR does not adversely affect mammals. The unique makeup of these hormones allows you to use them effectively throughout your house, without the toxic side effects that may come with chemical flea products. Products containing these ingredients will stick to carpets and furniture and last for several months before requiring reapplication. Most products can be sprayed directly on pets, but do check the label for appropriate instructions. Always avoid contact with eyes and open sores. If symptoms or side effects of allergic reaction appear, discontinue use.