An Overview of Cat Flea Products

Cat flea products are the only sure way rid your cat and your home of those annoying irritants. General home care will aid in the effectiveness of any cat flea product that you choose. There are flea collars, topical treatments, oral treatments, shampoos and sprays. Any combination of these solutions can be productive. The most effective way to rid your cat of fleas is to understand that there are a variety of products available to treat flea infestation.

How Do Cat Flea Products Work?

Cat flea products work mainly to destroy the life cycle of the flea. They will kill the eggs, larvae and the adult fleas. They use chemicals to kill adult fleas and interfere with the life cycle of the eggs and larvae. Once the larvae are killed, they can no longer be used as hosts to pupate more fleas. When the adult fleas are killed, they can no longer leave eggs to produce more larvae.

Controlling Fleas in Your Home

Once the infestation of fleas begins, it can be hard to get rid of. But there are some steps that you can take around your home to assist in the effectiveness of cat flea products.

  • Vacuum - Daily vacuuming is a good way to control fleas. After vacuuming, be sure to change the bag and take it out to the trash immediately. This will help reduce the possibility of re-infestation.
  • Bedding - Washing your cat's bedding in hot water, with bleach, every few days will greatly reduce the flea population.
  • Treat your yard - Whether you cat lives inside or outside, fleas from the yard can find a host to get into your home, and eventually to your cat. Using flea granules in the yard can help to avoid the yard being used as a host.

Flea Collars

Flea collars work by constantly releasing flea repellent chemicals. The chemicals are then absorbed by the hair and oils of your cat's skin. By remaining on the coat and skin, they are able to naturally repel fleas. Flea collars are a good tool for use in prevention. Some flea collars available include:

  • Bio Spot Flea Collar
  • Program Flea Collar

Topical and Oral Treatments

Topical flea treatments are drops that are placed between the shoulder blades of your cat. The drops need to be re-applied every 30 days for maximum amounts of protection. Some topical treatments are regulated with an Insect Growth Regulator, which works to prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing. Because some of these don't kill adult fleas, a combination of products will also need to be used. Some of the topical treatments available include:

  • Advantage Flea Control for Cats
  • Frontline Flea Control for Cats
  • Frontline Plus Flea Controls for Cats
  • Program Flea Control for CatsBio Spot SPOT ON Flea Control for Cats

Oral flea treatments are given in pill form every 30 days. They work in a similar fashion as the topical treatment, by breaking up the life cycle of the flea and prohibiting flea eggs and larvae from developing. Oral treatments can also be used in conjunction with bathing products to kill adult fleas. Some of the oral treatments available include:

  • Program Flea Control for Cats
  • Capstar Tablets for Cats

Bathing Products for Cat Flea Control

Some cat flea shampoos contain an ingredient called Pyrethrin, which is the insecticide that kills adult fleas. As mentioned above, not all topical an oral treatments are effective at killing the adult flea. Therefore, a shampoo or similar product may additionally be necessary. Shampoos are a great product for killing adult fleas because they touch every part of your cat's body. Some of the shampoos available include:

  • Doctors Foster and Smith Advanced Formula Flea and Tick Shampoo for Cats
  • Sergeant's Nature's Flea Shampoo for Cats
  • Hartz 2 in 1 Rid Flea Cat Shampoo

Flea Sprays

Cat flea sprays are typically used to treat large infestations of fleas. They are also a more immediate solution because they typically kill of adult fleas within 24 hours. Some sprays can provide protection for up to 2 months. Because most sprays kill only the adult fleas, they may need to be used in conjunction with another product to help prevent future outbreaks. Some of the sprays available include:

Frontline Spray Treatment

  • Bio Spot
  • Frontline Spray Treatment

Prevention is the best treatment. Whether you decide to use a flea collar, a topical treatment, an oral treatment, a shampoo, a spray or some other combination of products, you can prevent outbreaks from become severe and hard to control.