Cat Tree or Scratching Post? Two Clawing Options Compared

Both a cat tree or post for scratching offer great outlets for relieving stress and anxiety, providing exercise and activity, and maintaining a healthy claw length in your cat or kitten.

Cat Scratching Post to Replace Your Couch

Cat scratching posts can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, cardboard, sisal rope, carpet and fleece. Posts are an ideal option for cats that like to scratch vertical surfaces (like the back of your couch or curtains). Purchasing at least one post for your home will keep your cat away from the furniture or stereo speakers. Many scratching posts include toys or cat nip to encourage your pet to use the posts rather than your furniture.

Give Your Cat a Tree to Perch on

Cat trees are a great way to exercise your cat and relieve stress. The perches on cat trees are perfect for climbing and stretching, allowing your cat to stay active and healthy and also prevent him from jumping up on shelves. Another advantage of cat trees is the variety of angles and surfaces available for your cat to claw. Some cats prefer scratching on horizontal surfaces while others like vertical or diagonal areas to claw, and cat trees usually offer a perfect place for these activities. Some trees or structures (or "cat furniture") can get pretty complex, including multiple levels, a place to put a cat bed, toys hanging from strings, sometimes even small hammocks.

It may be a good idea to purchase a cat tree and a scratching post for different areas of your home in order to provide the most options for your cat's scratching and climbing needs. This is especially useful if the tree and post are made of different materials and offer different angles for clawing.