Freshen Puppy Bad Breath Quickly and Easily

Puppies are cute, but puppy bad breath isn't. Fortunately there's plenty you can do to freshen your puppy's bad breath. Veterinary Dental Care The most important thing you can do to freshen your puppy's bad breath is provide routine veterinary dental care. Your vet should examine your puppy's teeth at every vaccination appointment, and again at six months of age. Home Dental Care Home dental care can make your puppy's bad breath fresh again. Brush his teeth daily. Examine his mouth for inflamed or bleeding gums. Lumps or swellings in your puppy's gums are cause for concern as well; see your vet if your puppy has inflamed, bleeding, or swollen gums. Combat Puppy Bad Breath If your puppy is free of gum disease and underlying gastrointestinal conditions, then try one of these methods to freshen his breath: * Breath-freshener dog treats are often made with cinnamon, peppermint or spearmint oils. These freshen the breath and can soothe stomach gases that may be at the root of puppy bad breath. * Mix a drop of peppermint or spearmint oil in your puppy's water. Use one drop for 20 oz of cold water. * Oral rinses for puppies can freshen your puppy's mouth. * A rawhide bone or chew toy can prevent plaque build-up to freshen your puppy's breath. * A mixture of yogurt, raw carrots and turkey may improve your puppy's bad breath.