Frontline Dog Flea Spray

An effective dog flea spray is an essential part of any flea control program. Frontline is a brand of dog flea spray that is very inexpensive and quite effective.

How Flea Sprays Are Used

Like the spot application type of Frontline, Frontline Dog Flea Spray must be applied to your dog. The difference is with the spray, you have to spray your whole dog, instead of applying an ointment to certain areas of his body. Flea sprays such as Frontline are much more cost effective than the topical ointments, and easier to use. Instead of having to control your dog while you're applying the ointment, all you need to do is spray him. Frontline Flea Spray kills fleas on contact. This means that even if you have a fairly bad infestation, you may not have to fumigate the whole house to rid your home and pets of the fleas. As soon as the fleas jump onto a dog that has been treated with the spray, they will die. Another benefit of the Frontline Dog Flea Spray is that it kills fleas during their whole life cycle, not just the individual larval, egg or adult stages like many other types of flea treatments. Because the active ingredients in Frontline spray are stored in your dog's sebaceous glands, the product is waterproof and only needs to be applied once a month.

Active Ingredients of Frontline Dog Flea Spray

The main active ingredient of all Frontline products is Fipronil. This general purpose insecticide and slow acting poison kills fleas in the egg and larval stage, as well as the adult stage, by disrupting their central nervous system. S-Methoprene is an insect growth regulator and kills fleas during the egg and larval stages. Frontline states that all fleas are killed within a maximum of 12 to 18 hours after application.

Advantages of Dog Flea Spray

When you properly apply a flea spray such as Frontline on your dog's coat, the glands of his skin will absorb it and secrete it as needed to continue killing fleas for up to a month. Because of the absorption of the active ingredients, your dog is able to go swimming and cool off within a couple of hours of being sprayed. As long as you wait a few hours after application, your dog can also be bathed and still have full protection against flea and tick infestation.

Infestation Free Dogs Are Healthy Dogs

Fleas and ticks carry a variety of diseases. Severe infestations can cause lesions and skin ruptures, due to the constant biting and scratching to counteract the itching. These injuries can become infected and cause other serious health problems if allowed to fester.

Frontline Dog Flea Spray can be purchased at your vet's office or from a variety of online sources. You will need a prescription for this medication.