Grooming Tips to Reduce Cat Shedding

Cat shedding is an unpleasant aspect of owning a feline. All cats shed hair, even if there are certain breeds that have longer hair or shed more. To prevent excessive accumulation of cat hair in your house, there are a few grooming techniques that you can use. Using these grooming techniques can also maintain your pet healthy and clean.

Increase Grooming Frequency

The grooming frequency should be increased if you are bothered by the amount of hair in your home. If you groom your cat once per week, you should try grooming him twice or 3 times per week.

Cats perform a regular cleaning, which will reduce the number of hairs he will shed, but if your cat is sick or he is obese, he will not be able to perform the grooming himself.

When grooming your cat, make sure you cover all areas of the body and collect the dead hairs in a single area, making sure to dump the get rid of the hair afterwards.

A bath may also eliminate a lot of loose hair, so that the cat won’t shed in your home. Consult your vet to see how often you can bathe him.

The cat will shed less if he is clean and his skin is healthier.

Use Only Suitable Supplies

Your cat may need supplies that are suitable for his coat and hair length.

The brushes, comb and gloves you use when you groom your cat shouldn’t irritate the cat’s skin, as this can result in dry skin and excessive shedding.

Using a grooming glove can quickly eliminate dead hairs and will massage the cat’s skin, improving the blood flow, resulting in less shedding.

You may also use a shedding blade if the cat has matted fur or a lot of dirt in his coat. Use this tool prior to brushing.

Get natural shampoos, as shampoos that contain too many chemicals may make your cat shed more.

The Direction of Brushing

When brushing your cat, you may brush starting with the tail and progressing to the head. In this manner, you will remove more loose hairs and there will be fewer loose hairs remaining on the cat, so he won’t shed these in your home.

The brushing and grooming should be performed outdoors, as this will make sure that the dead hairs won’t land on your carpets and furniture.

Improve the Cat’s Diet

Many cats may shed due to a poor diet, which makes the skin dry. You should get informed on the cat’s nutritional needs and make sure you provide the proteins, fats and fibers he needs.

Don’t forget about some essential nutrients that will improve the skin and coat’s quality:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids

In some cases, your cat may be affected by a medical condition causing excessive shedding. Visit the vet regularly and perform routine tests to make sure your pet is in good health.