8 Grooming Solutions for Shedding Dogs

Shedding dogs are a problem, as they fill the house with hair and may give you additional work. All dogs shed, even if some breeds shed less than others. Applying certain grooming techniques can reduce the amount of loose hair and keep your pet cleaner and healthier.

1. More Frequent Grooming

Frequent grooming and brushing can help soften the coarseness of the hair and may also reduce the amount of hair shed. Plan at least 3 grooming session per week, but ideally, you should brush your pet for 5 minutes every day.

You should also consider bathing your dog more frequently during the shedding season. Bathing your dog once a week can reduce the amount of hair he sheds in the house and will not dry the dog’s skin.

2. Getting Suitable Supplies

Getting suitable supplies adapted for your pet’s type of hair can make a difference and improve the quality of the hair. You may consider investing in several types of brushes, as most dogs need more than 1 type of brush. Combs may also be helpful in certain dog breeds with shorter hair. The comb may also remove dead hair and other traces of dirt.

Opt for soaps and shampoos that won’t irritate the dog’s skin, as these can cause additional hair shedding.

3. Brushing in Opposite Direction

To reduce the amount of hair shed in your home and remove the hair while brushing, you should consider brushing the dog from tail to head. Most dog owners brush starting from the head to tail. You can use both techniques for a thorough dead hair removal.

4. Grooming Glove

A grooming glove is a valuable tool, as it can remove all dead hair in just a few minutes. The glove will also give a gentle massage, stimulating the blood flow and reducing the amount of hair that is shed.

A grooming glove is also recommended to dogs that won’t sit still during the grooming session.

5. Shedding Blade

A shedding blade is effective to remove hair and different other debris from the dog’s coat. In many aspects, a shedding blade is more effective than dog brushes or combs.

6. Groom Your Dog Outdoors

To reduce the amount of hair shed in your house, you should groom your dog outdoors. This will make sure the dog will shed a minimal amount of hair indoors and will keep your house cleaner.

7. Cut the Dog’s Hair

During shedding season, you may consider getting a haircut for your pet. Shorter hair will mean less loose hair in your home. In addition, short hair is also easier to groom.

8. Modified Diet

A modification of the dog’s diet may reduce the shedding. The dog should get a diet that has sufficient nutrients. Fatty acid supplements can be recommended to prevent excessive shedding.

If the dog sheds hair due to a medical condition or food allergies, get veterinary help.