A Guide to K9 Immunity

K9 Immunity is a pill that can help fight existing cancer, or prevent future cancer in dogs. Even healthy dogs produce cancer cells every day, but they have an automatic immune response that kills the mutated tissue before it has a chance to spread. The actual condition of cancer occurs when these natural immune responses are debilitated or not present.

K9 Immunity and Cancer

By stimulating and strengthening your dog's natural immunities to cancer cells, K9 Immunity can not only significantly reduce a dog's risk of contracting cancer, but can also help fight the disease in animals who are already sick. K9 Immunity is a daily dietary supplement, and it is especially recommended for dogs that have recently recovered from cancer. This is because the root cause of the dog originally contracting the illness is likely to have been a weakened automatic immune response. Without K9 Immunity to strengthen the animal's immune system, the cancer could easily reappear.

K9 Immunity is also highly recommended for canines who are currently undergoing chemotherapy. While the poisons used in chemotherapy are effective at killing tumors, they kill many healthy cells as well, which often compromises the immune system.

How and When to Use K9 Immunity

It is strongly recommended by the makers of K9 Immunity to use it in combination with K9 Transfer Factor and K9 Omega. While K9 Immunity only comes in pill form, K9 Transfer Factor comes in chewable wafers and K9 Omega is a liquid.

K9 Transfer Factor is another dietary supplement that is high in a specific type of protein called transfer factors, which the dog's immune system naturally uses to identify mutated or diseased cells. Once these cells are identified, the systems stimulated by K9 Immunity are free to destroy them. Do not use K9 Transfer Factor without K9 Immunity. It will be entirely ineffective.

K9 Omega is made from fish oil, and is rich in three particular omega fatty acids that help fight cancer, by limiting cancer cells' supply of linoleic acid. All cells use this acid to grow and multiply. Limiting it slows the cancer's progress. K9 Omega also makes cancer cells more penetrable for the agents in K9 Immunity, making it easier to efficiently kill them. This increased permeability in cancer cells has the added effect of increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. K9 omega has also had a measurable effect in the speed of a dog's recovery after surgery.

If your dog has cancer, K9 Immunity and other K9 supplements can significantly improve its chances of survival. If it doesn't have cancer, these products can reduce the risk of contracting the disease, so no matter what, any dog can benefit from adding these supplements to its diet.