Hairball Remedy for Dogs

A hairball remedy is most commonly needed for felines, as they tend to develop hairballs, however, in some cases, dogs also need such remedies, as they can also ingest hair. The hairballs form as a result of the ingestion of hair, which mix with the contents of the stomach and result in a hairball. A hairball takes time to form and can be extremely uncomfortable. To eliminate the hairballs in your dog, you may use some remedies that are also useful for cats, but there are also solutions formulated for dogs only.

Fat Emulsifier

The hairball may gather some fats from the dog’s diet and these will not be eliminated. Administer some fat emulsifier, which can help the elimination of the hairball.

Get soy lecithin, which is the most commonly used fat emulsifier.

A Diet Rich in Fibers

If you suspect your dog has a hairball, you should supplement the amount of fibers in his diet. Hair cannot be digested by the acids in the dog’s stomach, but if the dog eats a lot of fibers, these can dissolve the hairball or facilitate its passage into the intestinal tract.

Get some canned pumpkin with no sugar or fiber supplements from the pharmacy, but pay attention to the amount you give to your dog, to avoid diarrhea.

Add Gel to the Dog’s Food

There is a special gel that you can add to the dog’s food and this will facilitate the digestion of all the contents of the dog’s stomach, including the hairball.

Consult your vet about the type of gel you can use for your pet.

Liquid Diet

Switch to a liquid diet until your dog eliminates the hairball. The liquid diet won’t contain chunks of food that can attach to the hairball and will also help the hairball pass into the intestinal tract.

Make the transition to the liquid diet on a gradual basis, so that your dog won’t develop adverse reactions or diarrhea.

Grass Eating

Many felines consume grass when they have a hairball they cannot cough up. Dogs may be given grass, which will have the same effects. Your dog may eat grass instinctively, but to prevent him from eating grass that may contain pesticides or other toxic chemicals, grow some grass at home. You can buy grass growing kits from any pet store.

The grass will have a texture that will irritate the stomach lining and may induce vomiting, so your dog may vomit and the hairball will be most likely in the vomit.

However, if the dog vomits for over 2 days and there is no trace of the hairball being eliminated, you should discontinue the grass treatment and get veterinary help.


Surgery is the last resort solution for hairballs in dogs. If the dog doesn’t eliminate the hairball and this also causes constipation, the vet will perform a few tests to see if the hairball is not causing an intestinal occlusion.

Surgery may be needed to remove the hairball and prevent complications.