Diet Recommendations for Preventing Cat Hairballs

Cat hairballs are frequent problems in cats and they form due to the hair that is ingested while the cat is grooming his coat. The hairballs may be digested or coughed up; hairballs may be a potential health risk, as they may cause blockage of the air ways or the intestinal tract. However, cat hair can be easily digested if the cat has a certain diet.

Diet High in Fibers

Cat hair is difficult to digest by the cat’s system, especially when the hair gets mixed with other foods and causes an intestinal occlusion. To make the hair and food more digestible, the cat has to have a diet that is high in fibers. Consult your vet to recommend you a food that has an optimal amount of fibers. An excessive amount of fibers may cause problems in the digestive tract of the feline. Pumpkin is a natural food that is rich in fibers and may be fed to cats to prevent the formation of hairballs. Get some canned pumpkin that doesn’t contain sugar.

In addition to fibers, the food must also contain a fat emulsifier, which will help the digestive process. You may add soy lecithin to your cat’s food or ask the vet to recommend a different type of fat emulsifier. 

Wet Food Once a Week

The wet food can facilitate the elimination of the hair that gather in the cat’s stomach. Even if dry food has a lot of benefits for the cat’s health, keeping the teeth plaque free, wet food should be administered once per week to help the digestion.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is an ingredient that may facilitate the digestion; however, it must be used with caution, as if in excess, this may deprive the cat from vitamin A, which is essential for the cat’s health.

You should get some gels or grains that contain mineral oil from pet health stores. These are able to lubricate the digestive tract of the cat.

To be safe, these gels or granules should be administrated in combination with vitamin A supplements.

Hairball Formula Food

There is hairball formula food available in pet stores. You may purchase such formulas and administer them on a daily basis to prevent the accumulation of hairballs.

Analyze the labels of these foods and ensure that these contain the necessary nutrients for your pet.

Grass Chewing

Grass can be consumed by cats to facilitate the throwing up of the hairballs. If grass is consumed on a regular basis, this may help digest the hair accumulated in the cat’s stomach, as grass is a source of fibers.

You may grow some grass at home or purchase grass for cats from pet stores.

Butter - Useful with Care

Butter is a food that may help relieve constipation and may help a cat that has intestinal occlusion due to a hairball. Butter should be given with caution to cats, no more than half a tablespoon, as a higher amount may cause diarrhea in your pet.