Havanese Dog Grooming Tips

The Havanese dog is a breed that originates in Cuba and is closely related to the Bichon. The Havanese dog is very friendly and playful and makes a great companion for children, adults and other animals. They usually live in the house, being easily integrated as members of the family. Grooming your Havanese dog becomes very important under these circumstances, both for the appearance and for the hygiene of your dog, as well as for the health of your family. Due to the appearance and the long hair coat, the dog needs daily grooming.

Havanese Dog Grooming Needs

Since the Havanese dog usually shares the same living environment with the owner, everyone benefits if the dog is groomed properly.

The Havanese has long coat which needs combing and brushing daily, they need to have their nails clipped and their paws trimmed.

Havanese dogs have a predisposition for running eyes and it is important to wipe the eyes area in order to prevent any possible infections. Even though they need more care than other breeds, it is not very difficult to give proper care to your Havanese, especially if you establish a grooming schedule.

Grooming the Coat

The Havanese dog is a low-shedding dog, which means that he loses hair, but only in small amounts. However, given the length of his hair, the Havanese dog has to be brushed and combed every day to prevent matting.

If your dog is not a show dog, you could even trim his coat to make grooming easier, but never shave him, unless he develops a medical condition and you are advised to do so by your veterinarian. Shaving your dog will expose his skin to the sun, and given the little pigmentation the Havanese has, he would be exposed to a series of skin conditions, including cancer.

It is recommended to bathe him once a month. You should use only special shampoos. It is not recommended to use human cleaning products on dogs because they can harm them and cause medical conditions.

Eyes and Ears Grooming

Havanese dogs have a predisposition for shedding tears. Therefore it is important that you clean the eyes area using a soft piece of cloth or moisturized cotton balls. The light-colored Havanese dogs are predisposed to develop discolorations around the eyes and mouth. This can be prevented by cleaning the areas and using special products recommended by the veterinarian.

Clean your dog’s ears using soft cloth or cotton balls.

You should also pluck out the hair that grows in the ears using tweezers.

Cleaning Teeth

In order to prevent plaque and bacterial infections, remember to clean your dog’s teeth twice or 3 times a week. You should use canine toothpaste. Get your dog used with cleaning his teeth from early puppyhood by massaging his gums with your fingers regularly. In time you can start using a toothbrush.

Nail Clipping

Long nails can cause discomfort, so nail clipping is important.

It’s best to start clipping the nails when the dog is very young so that he gets used to the procedure.

When clipping his nails, use a special clipper and avoid cutting into the nail quick, which can cause bleeding.