The Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog can have a few disadvantages, such as having to walk them at anti-social hours or cleaning the carpet, but overall, dogs bring more benefits. It has been proven that people with dogs live a healthier and happier life. People suffering from loneliness, depression or incurable diseases are often advised to get a dog, due to the numerous health benefits.

Lower Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that owning a dog can lower blood pressure. Petting your dog can calm you down and will decrease your blood pressure.

Dogs have a soothing effect on their owners. However, the dog must be trained properly, so that you don’t have to cope with behavioral issues such as barking, chewing or leg jumping.

Lower Cholesterol

People with dogs may have a lower cholesterol level and are less exposed to heart disease. This is due to regular walks, which are healthy and can reduce the cholesterol level.

No Stress

Dogs are known as being excellent de-stressors. Just imagine coming home from a stressful day and a happy dog welcomes you. That can relieve the stress and give you joy. Grooming or stroking your dog can also relieve stress and even the walks can take off some pressure.

Lower Obesity Rate

A dog owner is less likely to be overweight, due to the frequent walks they take with their pet. Walking is beneficial both for your dog and your weight management. People with dogs are more active and the exercise is daily, as many dogs require walks at least twice per day.

Treating Depression

Owning a dog means you're less likely to be depressed, as a dog offers unconditional love and loyalty that can lift any person’s mood. A dog is highly recommended for seniors or people who live alone, as he can be a good companion.

Dogs cause happiness in humans, as humans release endorphins in the brain when seeing dogs. Endorphins are great natural anti-depressants. In addition, the daily walks will boost the spirits of the owner. Active people are less depressed than sedentary people.

Stronger Immunity

Owning a dog can lead to a stronger immune system, as dogs heal depression and stress. Depression and stress can weaken immunity.

Increased Life Expectancy

Having an improved quality of life and a happier mood, people with dogs have an increased life expectancy. Stress and depression, together with heart disease or other cardiovascular diseases can decrease the lifespan of humans.

Owning a dog can help people with a medical condition live longer. This is may be partly due to the fact that an ill person feels he has to get better to care for the pet.

A dog can bring a lot of happiness and health benefits, ranging from low cholesterol to lower risks of heart disease and stress relief. Get a companion that is suitable for your personality and energy level, and you will benefit from all the great things a dog brings.