Health Insurance for Dogs: From Liability to Full Coverage

Emergency Pet Insurance Health insurance for dogs varies and so do deductibles and annual payments. Most include the standard “healthy dog” procedures, while selective policies cover accidents, emergencies, and chronic illnesses. Then there’s liability insurance, which protects your dog and others. Full Coverage Plans If you select a full coverage plan for you dog, you pay a certain fee each month and it covers a large number of services. Plans differ from one to the next. Consider your dog's age and health as you review available insurance. Look for health insurance for dogs that offers fixed premiums and deductibles. A sample of what some full coverage plans include: · Medications and prescriptions: antibiotics and drugs treatments for certain conditions such as arthritis. · Flea and tick solutions, and medicated shampoos. · Office visits: annual check ups, emergencies and vaccinations. · Lab fees, X-rays, ultrasounds, diagnostic tests and anesthesia. · Spaying/neutering, worming, some chronic conditions and allergies. · Miscellaneous items: wellness plans, prescription foods and euthanasia. Dog Liability Insurance If your dog has behavioral problems, or is a powerful breed like a Rottweiler, consider liability insurance. Health insurance for dogs that includes a liability segment will offer protection if someone sues you for damages. If your dog injures someone, the insurance company will pay for the medical bills and property damage. Dog bite laws differ from state to state. Know your rights for the area you live. Learn what you are covered for under your homeowner or similar policy.