Lifelong Pet Insurance

Lifelong Pet Insurance helps you afford veterinary care. Whether you simply want reimbursement for yearly exams and vaccinations or want protection against unexpected veterinary bills, the pet insurance offered by Pinnacle Insurance is ready to help out. Best of all, Lifelong offers coverage for cats, dogs and even rabbits.

Don't overlook the importance of pet insurance. It's a horrible feeling when your cherished pet needs an expensive surgery that you cannot afford. With a solid pet insurance policy, you won't have to worry about affording emergency care.

Benefits Offered by Lifelong Pet Insurance

A pet insurance policy from Pinnacle Lifelong offers plenty of coverage. There are three insurance plans: Vital, Classic and Premier. Each policy covers a specified amount for:

  • Accidental death

  • Annual exams

  • Boarding fees due to your pet's or your health issues

  • Holiday cancellation due to emergency related to pet's health (Not offered for rabbits)

  • Hospitalization

  • Lost/stolen pet recovery

  • Third party liability for damages or injury caused by your pet (dogs only)

  • Veterinary fees in a foreign country (Not offered for rabbits)

Note that with coverage for a rabbit, you only get one policy choice. Premium coverage is the only plan offered to rabbit owners.

Using Your Pet Insurance Policy

To use your pet insurance policy, call Lifelong Insurance before seeking veterinary care. If your pet is unconscious or seriously injured, seek veterinary care first and then call Lifelong. They will fax or mail you a claim form that you and your veterinary office fill out. You pay your veterinarian at the end of your visit and the insurance company reimburses you once the claim has been processed.

Restrictions on Lifelong Pet Insurance

Lifelong allows pet owners to enroll their dogs eight weeks to eight years in any of their plans. Cats between the ages of eight weeks and ten years are eligible. Rabbits must be between the ages of eight weeks and five years.

Coverage remains in effect for the pet's entire life providing you pay the premiums on time. You must ensure your pet remains in a normal range for insurance coverage to remain effective. Cosmetic procedures are not covered.

While the policy becomes effective from the time you enroll, coverage for illnesses does not go into effect until a month has passed. Loss of pet coverage becomes effective after 14 days. If your pet has any pre-existing conditions, the pet insurance company will not provide coverage for those conditions.

Deductibles with Pet Insurance

Depending on the policy you've chosen, you will be required to pay a yearly deductible before coverage kicks in. For example, while Lifelong Pet Insurance covers third-party claims, you must pay your share, listed in your policy, before they pay the remainder.

Examples of Premiums with Lifelong Insurance

Premiums for Lifelong insurance policies depend on your pet's age and your postal code. Other factors include the animal's gender, breed and the policy coverage you desire. Expect to pay around $20 to $35 a month for a dog, $15 to $30 for a cat and around $25 for a rabbit. You will have to add taxes to your rate quote to get the final price.

Save Money on Your Lifelong Pet Insurance Policy

Visit to apply for pet insurance online. Online enrollment provides an extra discount of 10 percent.