Nutrient Requirements of Dogs: Choosing the Healthiest Dog Food

The nutrient requirements of dogs are somewhat complex. Dogs require a balanced diet full of high quality ingredients. Dogs that are considered "athletic canines" will require a completely different kind of diet than those dogs that do not perform athletically. Still, all dog food diets should follow the same basic rules. Things to Look For When it comes to searching for the right dog food. There are some key ingredients that you will want to look for. These ingredients include: * Protein * Fats and Oils * Carbohydrates * Fiber * Fruits and Vegetables Things to Avoid * Dyes * Sweeteners * Artificial Preservatives * Flavorings Most dog food brands that can be purchase in large supermarkets are packed with those ingredients that should be avoided. These ingredients do not meet the nutrient requirements of dogs in any manner. Instead, look for your dog's food at a specialty dog food store.