Herbal Cat Flea Treatment

Cat parasites may be internal and external. Fleas are some of the most common external parasites that will cause extreme discomfort. Fleas have a lot of remedies, but most traditional methods involve treating your pet with chemicals and these may also have side effects. The herbal cat flea treatment is an efficient approach to eliminating fleas without side effects. The herbal treatment involves removing the fleas and cleansing the cat’s organism as well.

Natural Flea Powder

Instead of using flea sprays, collars and powders that are high in chemicals that can cause irritation in your cat, you may opt for natural flea powders or collars. The natural compounds such as citrus oil or mineral salts will eliminate the fleas and may also be applied to the cat’s bedding or the carpets, so that a new infestation with fleas will be less likely.

You should check with your vet prior to administering these herbal powders, as your cat may be allergic to these compounds.

Natural Tinctures

There are also a few tinctures that may be applied on the cat’s coat that will eliminate the fleas. Get tinctures made of eucalyptus, citronella, yarrow or sage. You can get these tinctures from pet health stores.

You can apply a few drops on the cat’s coat. Don’t apply undiluted tinctures on the cat’s skin as these may irritate the skin; also, the cat may lick the tinctures and this may cause an upset stomach and vomiting or diarrhea.

You may apply a few drops of tincture on your pet’s collar and the strong smell will keep the fleas away. However, this may only work as a preventive measure in preventing the infestation with fleas.

You may dilute 3 to 5 drops of the above mentioned in your pet’s water and this will have a cleaning effect, strengthening your pet’s immune system and reducing the swelling and irritation.

Orange oil may also be effective in removing fleas and reducing irritation caused by fleas. Get ½ tbsp orange oil and mix it with the shampoo of your pet. Gently apply the shampoo and rinse.

Natural Anti Flea Shampoos

Instead of getting tinctures, you may opt for natural anti flea shampoos. These may contain a number of ingredients, including citronella extracts, eucalyptus, mint, yarrow or sage.

You should bathe your cat at least 2 times per week.

You should know that the flea treatment may take a long time, as the fleas will leave behind eggs and these will develop, occurring even after you think you’ve eliminate all fleas.

Natural Flea Remedies that Don’t Work

There are a few remedies that are often suggested to remove fleas from the cat including garlic, brewer’s yeast or the B vitamins. These have not proven to be effective in removing fleas.

It is important to note that garlic is toxic for cats and applying this on the pet’s coat may cause poisoning, as the cat can lick and chew the coat and ingest garlic.