How A High Fiber Dog Diet Affects Digestion

A high fiber dog diet can have positive affects on your dog's digestion, much to the same affect of such a diet on your own digestion.

Benefits of Dietary Fiber

Almost all dog foods contain fiber. A high fiber dog diet can keep your dog's colon healthy, prevent diarrhea and constipation, and prevent or control obesity.

Diabetic dogs experience fewer changes in blood sugar levels when fed a high fiber diet.

Fiber and Your Dog's Colon

Bacteria in your dog's colon ferment dietary fiber into fatty acids. These fatty acids protect against harmful bacteria. They can help your dog's colon recover from injury, and they may even keep him from getting colon cancer.

Fiber and Obesity

A high fiber dog diet can help control canine obesity. Fiber will make your dog feel full, so he'll eat less, while consuming fewer calories, and lose weight.

Fiber and Anal Gland Disease

Anal gland disease is a very common disorder in dogs. If your dog scoots his butt along the floor often, he may be suffering from anal gland disease. A high fiber dog diet can relieve the symptoms of anal gland disease, because it adds bulk to the stool.