Does High Protein Dog Food Induce Hyperactivity?

Dog owners can provide a proper and healthy diet for their dog using a high protein dog food. This can be accomplished with either dry or wet dog food, or a combination of both. Many manufacturers advertise that their dog food is the "best dog food"; however, a dog owner must carefully consider the ingredients found in the dog food before deciding to use it.

Protein Vs. Corn

Dogs are meat-eaters and need the protein provided in meat and dairy products. Dog foods providing high protein content contain beef, chicken, eggs, fish, lamb and meat by-products. Dogs need varying degrees of protein depending on their age and activity. The younger and more active, the more protein needed.

Corn is a carbohydrate that contains only four of the ten essential amino acids and no taupine. Unfortunately, some dog food manufacturers include corn (as a filler), meat and bone meal, and some other ingredients to satisfy requirements in order to label their product as complete and balanced.

High Protein Dog Food Is Necessary

Early studies reported that high protein diets produced kidney problems or even hyperactivity in dogs. These studies were based on the effects of proteins on rats. Unlike dogs, rats are not meat-eaters and so the effect of protein would be different than that on dogs. Dogs as well as any other animal need a well-balanced diet of proteins, calories, vitamins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates to maintain health.