Home Care for Puppies With Parvo

Parvo in puppies is a viral infection that causes (frequently bloody) diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and, if untreated, death. It most often occurs in puppies because their bodies haven't built up suitable defenses, putting them at a greater risk of exposure. Dog vaccinations are the best way to prevent parvovirus from attacking your puppy's immune system, but it is advisable that these are administered several times up to 16 weeks of life.

Treat at Home

It is possible to treat your puppy's parvovirus at home. It will save you a lot of money, but it requires near constant vigilance for 3, sometimes 5 days. Quarantine the puppy from other pets, purchase the proper supplies, and be prepared to administer the treatment. You'll want to get colloidal silver, saline solution, and quite possibly prescription antibiotics. If you can get a vet to start an IV, do it. It will make the saline solution injections easier. Twice a day, give the puppy colloidal silver depending on its weight. Monitor its temperature 3 times daily.

You should note everything you do in a log to monitor your puppy's progress. It is possible to treat this virus at home, but you will have to maintain a constant routine until the puppy is well again. If you can, vaccinate beforehand. Like canine rabies, it is better to prevent than to have to treat later on.