Home Remedies for Dogs' Ear Problems

Ear infections are a common problem among dogs, but there are plenty of home remedies for dogs that can relieve their symptoms. Not all remedies will work for all dogs, but try a few with your dog to see which is most effective.


Vinegar is a well-known treatment for ear infections and can be used as a flush or as a cleaner.

  1. Mix one part apple or white vinegar with two parts water.
  2. Add to a cotton ball and wipe the parts of the ear that can be seen or use in a spray bottle as a flush.
  3. Heat the mixture slightly to make it more comfortable for your dog.

This can be done as often as twice daily, but be aware of any additional redness or scratching. If the vinegar is irritating your dog, it won't make him more comfortable.

Tea Remedies

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic with anti-fungal properties, valuable if the ear infection is caused by either bacteria or yeast. Add a few drops to a cup of warm water and use a cotton swab to clean outer ear. In addition, drop a few drops down the ear. Hold ears closed to avoid your dog shaking them out.

You can also make a flush from green tea by steeping two tea bags in boiling water for 15 minutes. Allow to cool before using to flush ears. This can be done up to twice daily.

Additional Oils

There are several types of natural oils that can also relieve your dog's ear symptoms, including vitamin E oil and garlic oil, both of which are natural antibiotics. Whichever you choose, drop two or three drops in the ear and rub the ear closed for about 10 seconds. This prevents shaking out as well as spreads the drops throughout the infected ear.

Garlic oil can be taken from a garlic capsule or made by soaking a clove overnight in olive oil.

Warm Washcloth

If you don't have any natural ear drops on hand, you can relieve some of your dog's pain by soaking a cloth in warm water, wringing it out and holding it against your dog's ear several times daily when he seems to be uncomfortable. Hold the cloth to the outside of the ear for about 30 seconds.

Dog Ear Problem Prevention

If your dog is prone to ear infections, there may be a cause that you aren't aware of, such as allergies. Ear infections are a common symptom of food allergies, so try changing your dog's food to a different type of protein. Duck and potato or venison and potato are unique protein sources to which dogs usually haven't developed an allergy.

Look for a brand that doesn't have any meat byproducts, corn wheat, dye or preservatives, some ingredients to which dogs are often allergic.

Make sure to clean and groom your dog's ears regularly to prevent the buildup of yeast and bacteria. Wipe the part of the ear you can see with soap and water or a dog-specific ear cleaner. You can also purchase rinses from your veterinarian if problems are common. Trim any excess hair out of the ears as well.