Homeopathic Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Reports of the most common ailment affecting dogs each year, is ear infection, of which, there are many homeopathic dog treatments available to help heal and sooth those afflicted.

Due to the L shaped ear canal of canines it is very easy for moisture, dirt and parasites to become trapped inside. The dog usually exhibits signs by excessive scratching of the ear and if left untreated can advance into something more serious further into the ear canal. Allergies, ear mites, foreign objects, such as burrs from plants, or even hormonal imbalances can trigger an ear infection.

Symptoms of an Ear Infection

The signs of a possible ear infection are:

  • Shaking  the head
  • Scratching  ears
  • Whining when ear is touched
  • Smelly dark discharge from ear

Treating Ear Infection in Dogs

Treating the infection should be done after consulting a vet initially; if the root of the reason for the infection is not discovered the problem could worsen. For example if the problem is due to a yeast infection, Candida, this must be dealt with and eliminated first before the treatment and healing of the ear can be achieved.

Homeopathic Treatments

Calendula is an excellent antifungal with healing properties. Mix a teaspoon of it with a half a teaspoon of sea salt in one cup of filtered, or if preferred, distilled water. Cleanse or flush the affected ear with this mixture twice daily until healed.

Oregon Grape Oil that has been infused has strong antibacterial and healing properties and makes an effective treatment for dogs with ear mites. One to two times daily, apply between one to ten drops in the ears until signs of the infection or mites have disappeared.

Green tea can be used as an ear wash to sooth the itching and help heal the irritation. In a small pot or pan, steep two green tea bags in boiling water for approximately 15 minutes. Once it has cooled down then simply flush the ears with it; this should be done twice a day for best results.

Vinegar ear washes are a good follow up to use once the ear has healed because it will aid in keeping the ear clean and mite free. Make the mixture one part water to one part vinegar and flush the ears with it once a month or twice a month in more stubborn cases.

Preventing Ear Infections

Echinacea tablets or tea can be given to dogs to aid in strengthening their immune system, which is often the underlying cause behind an ear infection. In most cases a lowered immune system and thus ear infections, can be deterred and even prevented by performing a few easy tasks. Giving a natural supplement of essential fatty acids or digestive enzymes are a few examples of supplements used to treat the problem from within, boosting the dog’s immune system. Getting into a routine of ear cleaning will help keep an eye on any irregularities and trimming the hair inside the dog’s ear will help keep oils and wax from building up and initiating an infection.