Home Remedies for Sinus Infection in Dogs

Sinus infections or sinusitis in dogs can be caused by bacteria, viruses, water retention or different allergens. Sinusitis will manifest through several symptoms such as sneezing, fever and discomfort and may go away in a few weeks without treatment. However, you can relieve the discomfort by using a few home remedies for sinus infection.

Steam Baths

Increased humidity can be beneficial for a dog with a sinus infection. The humidity will relieve discomfort and will help cleaning the sinuses. Steam baths are recommended; however, you should only e xpose your pet to the steam and not actually put the pet into water. Fill the bathtub with hot water and allow the bathroom to fill up with steam. Keep your pet for 5 to 15 minutes inside the bathroom, allowing him to inhale the steam. Monitor your pet and if you notice any adverse reactions, take him outside the bathroom. Some pets may not react well to excessive heat and steam.

Tea Infusions

Tea infusions can work in the same way as a steam bath. The dog can inhale the vapors produced by the hot water and this will clear the sinuses, stimulating draining. You may choose any type of tea, but you may opt for ginger tea or a tea with a more powerful aroma.

Cleaning the Nose

Cleaning the dog’s nose on a regular basis may relive the discomfort and prevent breathing difficulties. The nose can get stuffed and you will have to use a sponge or cotton buds dipped into lukewarm water to clean the nasal passages. Be gentle so as not to cause injuries.

The nose and nostrils can be irritated due to frequent nasal discharges due to sinus discharges. After cleaning and drying the nose, apply a moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly, which will protect the skin and promote healing.

Administer Warm Liquids

Tea and chicken soup are recommended when the dog has a sinus infection. The warm liquid will stimulate sinus draining, as the sinuses will be dilated.

The dog’s food may also be warmed up. Note that the liquids or the food shouldn’t be too hot. Test the food as you would test a baby’s milk. If it is too hot for your fingers, leave it to cool down for a bit.

Saline Drops

Prepare a saline solution by adding 5 tbsp of salt to a cup of water. Heat up the water and apply 3 drops of this solution 3 times per day in the dog’s nostrils.

Alternatively, you may get an over the counter saline solution from a pet store.

The saline solution will speed up the recovery from a sinus infection.

Keep Your Pet Warm

You should keep your dog mostly indoors to allow the dog to heal. Increase the room temperature by a few degrees.

The sinus infection should heal within 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how serious the infection is and the dog’s ability to cope with the infection.