Home Remedies for Sinus Infection in Cats

Home remedies for sinus infection can often help to reduce the symptoms of congestion and other problems that your cat may display. However, it's important to recognize that a true sinus infection is a result of bacteria in your pet's sinus passageways, and that the only true way to eliminate bacteria completely is with an antibiotic regimen from your vet. With an infection, it is especially important that you treat the bacteria properly so that they will not have a chance to multiply and spread to other parts of your pet's body. Infections left unchecked can spread to vital organs and prove to be potentially fatal. Here are a few of the home remedies that may help relieve your pet's sinus infection symptoms.

Dietary Changes

Certain types of food can be beneficial in boosting your pet's immune system. This is a great preventative measure and will help you to ensure that your cat doesn't suffer from sinus infections in the first place. Look for natural pet foods at your local organic or natural foods grocery store, and pay particular attention for those foods that are recommended for immune system boosting.

Vitamin C can also help to relieve your pet's infection or to prevent an infection from occurring by boosting her immune system. Try providing your pet with a small quantity of vitamin C in tablet form mixed in with her food, but be very careful that you give her a proper dosage.

Humid Environments

A humid environment will often help to protect your cat from sinus problems. The humidity will help to expand and clear out her sinus passages, making it easier for her to breathe and reducing other symptoms like coughing and sneezing. Use a humidifier in your pet's rooms or allow her to wait in the bathroom with you while you shower or run hot water.

Keep Your Pet's Face Clean

One of the most irritating symptoms of sinus infection for many cats is the presence of discharge and buildup around the nose and eyes. Use a warm washcloth to very gently clean up any discharge that may have built up in those parts of your cat's face. This will help her to be as comfortable as possible while she waits out the infection.

Hydrate Properly

It's very important that your pet stay properly hydrated while she has a sinus infection. Some cats will lose the tendency to drink water while this occurs. However, if your pet continues to drink water as normal, she'll not only have an easier time getting rid of the bacteria that cause the sinus infection, but you'll also find that she's less likely to succumb to other illnesses and conditions that are related to dehydration. Make sure that your pet continues to drink her water, and provide her with water from a tuna can in order to stimulate her drinking if need be.

For more information about how to treat a sinus infection and for important antibiotic prescriptions, visit your veterinarian as soon as you suspect that your pet may have this condition.