How Effective are Flea Fogger Products?

A flea fogger is a device that can be used to eliminate fleas on pets and in your house. There are various types of flea fogger products, but typically flea fogger bombs are considered the most effective. As with all types of flea products, the foggers may be effective for some dogs and ineffective in others.

Flea Foggers

Flea foggers are user-friendly devices that will spread a substance that will kill the existing fleas in your pet and in his environment.

The foggers will emit an insecticide that will kill all fleas and prevent the fleas from leaving other eggs behind.

There are various flea fogger products that contain various chemicals such as Nylar, which is considered highly effective for removing parasites. Nylar is considered a safe chemical, but there are also other foggers that contain other more dangerous chemicals, that are more aggressive and effectively remove fleas.

Flea Fogger Effectiveness

The flea fogger products are considered effective for removing adult fleas, but will not kill the all eggs that are left behind by the mature fleas. The eggs will have to hatch and the new fleas will have to be eliminated using an additional dose of flea fogger.

These products have a main disadvantage: it may affect your health and endanger the health of your family. This is due to the fact that the product contains insecticide that will be spread in your home and may end up on furniture that you get in contact with. However, you can arrange to spend 1 to 2 days away from your home after having used flea fogger products.

Another disadvantage of the flea fogger products is the fact that some more sensitive dogs may develop skin rashes after being in contact with the chemicals in the foggers. Consequently, the products may not be recommended for all dogs.

How to Use Flea Foggers

To be fully effective, the flea foggers have to be used in the entire house. The fleas may leave eggs behind and these can hatch and lead to the formation of new fleas, causing a new infestation of the pet.

Consequently, after using the product on your pet and in the house, wait for 4 to 5 days and then reapply the flea fogger, to be able to kill the eggs and the new fleas as well.

It’s also important to protect yourself when you apply the flea fogger. Wear gloves and a mask and leave the house for at least 3 hours after spreading the insecticide. In this manner you will prevent any adverse reaction to the chemicals.

Ideally you should stay away from your home for 24 to 48 hours. Make sure the house is properly ventilated when you return.

Watch out for side effects such as skin irritation in your pet. If these occur, the pet is most likely allergic to the chemicals used, so you may want to switch to a different type of flea repellents.