How to Keep Dogs Off Your Lawn

Dogs like to run around lawns and they like to dig and they also use lawns as bathrooms and this could ruin the aspect of your lawn. Dog urine will make your grass yellow and it may even stop the grass from growing; in addition some dog owners won’t pick up after their pets. You can keep dogs off your lawn by using a few simple tricks that won’t hurt or poison dogs, but will do a good job keeping them away. You can get a number of dog repellents, water sprinklers or some more extreme solutions such as an electric wire fence around your lawn.

Water Sprinklers

Even if dogs are not as afraid of water as cats, dogs don’t like to be sprinkled with water.

Get some water sprinklers that activate when detecting movement, this will send dogs away from your lawn.

You may also use a water hose, but this implies you have to be on guard most of the times.

Commercial Dog Repellents

Commercial dog repellents can be purchased at any pet store in the form of sprays or powders. These repellents have a bitter smell, which will keep the dogs away. There are also repellents that have a distinct smell that resembles the smell of the urine of foxes or coyotes, which dogs fear.

Make sure the repellents you buy are safe for children and pets.

Baking Soda

You can also opt for a few at home solutions to keep the dogs off your lawn. Baking soda helps revitalize the grass that has been affected by the chemicals in the dog urine; baking soda is also a dog repellent. Dogs tend to mark areas with urine and they tend to revisit their spots that bear the smell of their own urine; baking soda will wash away the smell.

Prepare a mix of water and baking soda; use a cup of baking soda for each gallon of water. Apply the mix at least twice per week.


Vinegar is also an efficient natural repellent, having a powerful smell that dogs don’t like. Sprinkle your garden with undiluted vinegar on a daily basis. The vinegar will also get rid of the dog urine smell, so your lawn won’t attract other dog visitors.

Repellent Plants

You may also get a few plants that have a scent dogs dislike. Lavender or coleus canina are two dog repellent plants.

You may also use other repellents such as coffee grounds, moth balls, garlic powder, Tabasco, ammonia, household detergents, cayenne pepper flakes, but these may be toxic for dogs and may also harm your children. Coffee and garlic powder can be fatal for dogs.

More extreme solutions to keep off dogs from urinating on your lawn include getting an electric wire fence. The electric fence transmits a shock to the dog.

You can save your lawn from dog urine and digging using one of these tricks.