Nine Ways to Keep Cats out of the Yard

Keep cats out of your yard for good. Neighborhood cats love to use gardens and sand boxes as their litter boxes. They spray urine onto your doors or siding. They may come onto your porch and harass your indoor pets. And, it's certain you've found their fresh kills in your yard leaving you to figure out how to dispose of the carcasses. Learn tips on keeping strays and other people's cats out of your yard.

Talk to Your Neighbors

If you know the cat belongs to someone, talk to that specific neighbor about the problem. While this doesn't always work, some neighbors will be extremely understanding and apologetic and work at keeping their cat indoors or confined to their yard.

Trap Stray Cats

Stray cats are a bigger problem. Find out if area shelters have cat traps that people can borrow. Trap the strays and then call your area's animal control. While they may only be able to fix and release the pet, this will keep the stray cat population from growing.

Stop Feeding Strays

If you know a neighbor is feeding a stray. Ask them to stop by explaining how the stray cat is causing problems for all the neighbors.

Moth Balls

Cats dislike the scent of moth balls. Place moth balls under your deck or porches, in flower beds or under trees and bushes. Moth balls also keep skunks away.

If you have young children, you must keep the moth balls out of their reach, so a different method of warding cats away might be better.

Fertilize with Used Coffee Grounds

Cats dislike the feel of coffee grounds on their paws. Save your used coffee grounds and dry them out. Once dry, spread them over your gardens and lawn areas. Keep cats out and enjoy the benefits to your plants and grass from the decomposing grounds.

Keep Cats out with Black Pepper

If you have cats coming onto your property and digging up your gardens, sprinkle the area liberally with ground black pepper. Cats dislike the scent of the pepper. It gets into their sinuses causing them to sneeze and eye irritation also occurs.

You can purchase bulk containers of ground black pepper at warehouse stores like Costco or Sam's Club or check area restaurant suppliers. It's an affordable way to rid your gardens of cats.

Cats Dislike Aluminum Foil

Many cats hate the sound of aluminum foil. If you line gardens in foil and keep cats out. Unfortunately, those with large gardens will have to purchase a few rolls for this to be effective.

Motion Sensor Watering Systems

If you have a little more money to invest, you can purchase motion detector sprinkler systems. When an object passes in front of the motion detector's eye, it turns the sprinkler on spraying the cat with water.

This method is extremely effective, but most systems cost approximately $100. Move the sprinkler around every week to keep cats out of your yard.

Keep Cats Out with Chicken Wire

Line your yard or gardens with a flat layer of chicken wire. Cats dislike the feel of chicken wire and will refuse to walk over it.