How Much Does Dog Diabetes Cost to Manage?

Pet owners worry about the cost of caring for dog diabetes. Test strips, insulin, needles and special diets cost money. Learn the average cost of managing dog diabetes and what you should expect.

Mild cases of dog diabetes are treated simply by changing the dog's diet and increasing his exercise. If this alone doesn't stabilize blood sugar levels, you will need to give your dog insulin injections. Some dogs need one insulin injection per day, but larger dogs often need two doses. This will depend on the type of insulin and the size of the dog.

Dietary Restrictions for Dog Diabetes

Dogs must be given a diet that is high in fiber and protein. Foods should not be high in carbohydrates or high in fat. Feed your dog three times a day to keep his blood sugar levels optimized. Half an hour after your dog's first meal, administer the injection of insulin.

You will need to test your dog's blood sugar levels every day to monitor insulin levels. This helps you understand when the insulin dosage needs to be altered.

Cost of Dog Diabetes Testing Supplies

When caring for a dog with diabetes, testing and insulin administration remains key to keeping your dog healthy. Your veterinarian will go over a plan of action with you, but there are tips you should know.

You'll be testing your dog's insulin levels a minimum of once per day. The test strips usually come 50 to a box and cost upwards of $35. These strips are key in determining how much insulin is necessary.

Make sure you always use the correct syringe and needle. 40 U/ml insulin needs a U-40 syringe just like 500 U/ml insulin needs a U-500 syringe. Using the wrong syringe size will lead to an improper dosage that could kill your dog.

Before giving your dog the insulin, double check the expiration date. If it's past, throw it out and open a new insulin bottle. Keep all insulin in your refrigerator.

Insulin costs will depend on the brand that is working for your pet. Most insulin ranges from $30 to $120 a bottle. Before you order online, check shipping prices. Insulin requires special overnight shipping that is going to cost you far more money. Often the insulin turns out cheaper if purchased from a pharmacy than using a discounted website.

Syringes are not expensive. Many pharmacies sell them for less than 25 cents a piece. Purchasing in bulk often gets you the best price. Some states require you to get a prescription for needles, so check with your veterinarian before leaving his office.

Veterinary Care Requirements

A dog with diabetes needs to visit the veterinarian every three months. Because you're going to the veterinary office more often, you'll face the additional expense of office visits. This number will increase if another health issue appears or if the blood sugar levels stop responding to current insulin dosages or dietary changes.

Do plan to pay for a minimum three office visits per year. Working with your veterinarian will keep your dog happy and healthy for the years to come.