Diabetic Supplies for Dogs

Diabetic supplies are necessary for all owners that have a dog diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a condition that will require periodical administration of insulin injections. If you have just found out that your dog has diabetes, you will have to prepare a diabetes kit.

Supplies for the Diabetes Kit

A kit for dogs with diabetes is necessary and you will need to use it daily or every second day, depending on how often your dog needs to get insulin. Prepare your diabetes kit making sure to include:

  • Insulin, in doses that are prescribed by your vet. The insulin can only be obtained through prescription and make sure you only get insulin created for pets (e.g. vetsulin)
  • Sterile syringes (e.g. 1 , 0,5 or 0,33 cc), which can be obtained from any pet pharmacy
  • Sterile needles – consult the vet about the most appropriate needle gauge for your pet. Even if you administer the injections to your dog only, you will need 1 sterile needle and 1 sterile syringe for each administration, to make sure you won’t contaminate the insulin or introduce any bacteria or other infectious agents in your dog’s organism
  • Container to store the used syringes and needles. Make sure you dispose of these only in the designated places. Ask your vet about used needle and syringe collection locations in your area.
  • Urine glucose and ketone test strips, which you can use when you test your pet’s glucose concentration in the urine. These test strips can be purchased without prescription.
  • A container for the collection of urine
  • Honey, maple syrup or sugar, if the dog will display symptoms of low blood sugar
  • The vet’s emergency phone number, so that you can contact your doctor if there are any alarming signs or in the case of an overdose. Alternatively, you can have phone numbers of emergency vet clinics that are open 24/7

Should you leave your dog in a shelter while you travel, you will have to bring this diabetes supply kit to the shelter and let the personnel know about your pet’s insulin needs. Also, if someone is pet sitting for you, show him the diabetes kit and instruct him if any shots need to be administered while you are gone.

Where to Store the Diabetes Supplies

The diabetes supplies kit should be stored in a dark place, at the room temperature. It should also be locked in a cabinet or in an area where the dog doesn’t have access to, so that you prevent possible accidents or the ingestion of the insulin. You may keep the diabetes supply kit next to your pet first aid kit.

Additional Supplies

In addition to the diabetes supply kit, you may also talk to your vet about a diet and possibly get some special food from your pet store.

You may also get an alert tag for the dog’s collar, which can be helpful if your dog gets lost and will let others know that the dog is insulin dependent.