How to Become a Pet Groomer

Looking to become a pet groomer? Breaking into the pet grooming business may be difficult at first, but can be a very rewarding career once you make it. The pet grooming career is perfect for individuals who love to help animals and care for pets. It also can be a very rewarding and profitable job, as well as fun. To become a successful pet groomer, you will need to devote time and money into the proper training and practice that will be needed. 

Professional Grooming School for Pet Groomers

In order to master the procedures of grooming animals, individuals who want to become pet groomers should enroll in a professional grooming school. Grooming schools will provide students with the proper tools, techniques, skills and foundation that will be needed to break into the pet grooming profession. 

You don't necessarily need to attend a professional grooming school, however. Many groomers can learn the proper procedures and techniques by taking correspondence courses or short night classes at universities. These short courses can also teach an aspiring groomer the basic functions of the job they are seeking. 

Gain Hands-On Experience 

Most pet groomers start out by working for an established grooming company as a trainee or assistant. Gaining experience by working for a grooming facility will provide individuals with the hands-on experience and tools that will help them move forward in the pet grooming business. It can also help individuals learn the proper health practices and grooming techniques associated with this career. 

Purchase Manuals and Training Videos on Grooming

It is wise for an aspiring pet groomer to obtain resources that can help them learn more about the field and gain more knowledge. Purchasing training videos, books, and manuals are ideal for those looking to keep up with the latest information on grooming.

Study the Different Breeds of Dogs

There are many breeds of dogs, and they all have different ways of being properly groomed. It is essential for a good pet groomer to be aware of all the breeds of dogs, and how they should be groomed. The grooming styles of the Poodle will be much different than those of the Border Collie or Golden Retriever. An important part of the pet groomer's job is knowing how to groom every breed of dog. 

Gain References with Practice

Practicing your techniques on the pets of friends or family member for little or no cost will help you practice your skill and gain references for later use. Having good references can come in handy when searching for a job later on, and is sometimes a requirement. 

Decide How and Where to Conduct Your Business

Once you decide to become a pet groomer, you will need to decide how to operate your business. Many groomers choose to work in a grooming facility, while others may prefer to work from home or travel to the client's home. It is also important to purchase the proper tools and equipment that is needed for the pet grooming career.

This includes combs, nail clippers, grooming tables and other essential tools. 

Advertise Your Business

Groomers need to advertise their services so that people are aware of them. The best way to gain clients and recognition is to advertise with business cards, flyers, and websites. You can also partner with certain veterinary facilities or pet stores to advertise your business.