How to Get Rid of Cat Smell

Cat smell may be present in homes that are inhabited by felines. This smell may be a mixture of the proteins secreted by the cat’s skin. The smell may be aggravated by the presence of persistent urine smell, especially if the litter box is kept in the house or if the cat accidentally urinates on the carpet. If you want to get rid of cat smell, there are various procedures which may be more or less accessible.

Cat Smell Remover Products

The cat smell may be eliminated if you use commercial powders and sprays that have been designed to remove smells.

These products are created to neutralize the proteins and enzymes that cause the cat smell and will keep your home scent free. You may also opt for products that will give a pleasant odor to the cleaned areas.

Make sure your cat doesn’t have access to the cleaned areas for 3 to 5 hours after cleaning, as these products may contain chemicals that can be toxic for the pet.

Vacuum Cleaning  to Eliminate Cat Smells

Using a vacuum cleaner may help eliminating some of the cat smells, especially if you use a wet vacuum.

Vacuum all areas where cat smell may be present, including the furniture and cushions.

Ideally, if your pet has eliminated in the home, on the carpet or couch, you should vacuum immediately, so that you make sure the smell won’t persist.

The cat urine contains a series of proteins and enzymes that may bind with the fibers of the carpet or couch and if these are left for too long, the proteins, enzymes and bacteria can develop and will be almost impossible to remove.

Dry-Cleaning to Eliminate Cat Odors

Dry cleaning can always be a method to eliminate unwanted smells in your home. However, you may only dry clean your carpets, bed throws and cushion covers. If the cat has urinated on the couch or a cushion, the smell cannot be removed just by cleaning the cover, as the smell will be present in all the fibers of the couch or the cushion.

At Home Solutions for Cat Small

There are a few solutions that you can use to get rid of cat smell; these solutions are available:

  • Bleach can be used on areas that are less sensitive such as floors; however, you may not be able to use bleach on carpets or furniture, as the bleaching agent can damage these; use only diluted bleach (i.e. 1 part bleach and 5 parts water)
  • Vinegar is also a strong cat smell remover and may be used on certain surfaces; dilute the vinegar
  • Baking soda can be used if your cat has urinated in an area; spread some baking soda on the affected areas immediately, so that the enzymes in the urine won’t penetrate the area; leave the baking soda for 10 minutes and them remove the baking soda
  • Listerine can also be used to get rid of cat odors, but only when diluted