Dog Odor Removal

The dog odor is not particularly pleasant and may be aggravated by different health conditions, such as ear infections, flatulence, urine or periodontal disease and other dental problems. Removing dog odor is essential in all homes of pet owners, as the odor may penetrate the walls and the furniture and may not be removed. The dog odor removal may be done in several stages using different commercial cleaners or vinegar and baking soda.

Pet Odor Removal Products

If you detect a smelly spot in your home or the dog has stained the home with different body secretions, you should get some commercial pet stain and odor removal products. The product should contain a biological odor remover ingredient which should neutralize all pet odor enzymes. Typically, these odor removal products absorb the odor, so you should use a dry towel to absorb the odor removal solution.

Wet Vacuum

A wet vacuum may remove the dog odors from the furniture and rugs. Alternatively, you may use steam cleaning. There are several steam cleaning solutions that are created to remove pet odors. Insist on the areas that are more affected by the dog odor. After steam cleaning, wait for the area to dry; this may take up to 24 hours, deepening on the size of the area. Make sure the dog doesn’t have access to that area while it dries.

Steam cleaning is not recommended if the treated areas are stained, as the steam will set the stain and this won’t be removable.

After cleaning, get some carpet deodorizer and fabric refreshing spray and apply these on the treated areas.


Vinegar is a product that can remove dog odor. You should use a diluted solution of vinegar, half part vinegar, half water and apply it on the smelly areas or stains. The vinegar may also remove stains, but be careful, as it may also cause discoloration.

Alternatively, you may use a diluted solution containing water and baking soda, which can also remove pet odors.

Wash the Dog’s Bedding

Washing the dog’s bedding on a regular basis may reduce the dog odor from your home. Dogs have a specific odor which will be more intensive in the bedding area and may spread over the entire home.

You may use commercial detergents, but you may also add some baking soda, which will eliminate the odor.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can clean the air and reduce specific odors; place an air purifier in all the rooms where the dog has access.

However, the air purifier cannot remove the odor completely, so you should also apply other methods as well.

Detect if the Dog Is Ill

The dog odor may be worse when the dog is affected by different health issues such as periodontal disease, intestinal problems or foods causing flatulence, anal sacs, ear or skin infections. The vet will prescribe different ointments and rinses to remove the bad smell of the dog’s skin or breath and heal your dog.