How to Treat Cat Worms Naturally

The standard method to treat cat worms is a regimen of medicines that flushes the parasites out of your cat's system. This is a useful method of eliminating parasites, but it is not entirely effective in all cases. There are a number of other factors that one must consider in addition to simply killing all of the living organisms in an animal's system.

In order to best eliminate parasites and worms while simultaneously ensuring that they will not be able to infect your cat once again, and in order to also target those harmful parasites without killing beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in your pet's body, it's best to oftentimes use natural treatments.

Prevention Is Key

The single best treatment of cat worms is to prevent them. Unfortunately, home and medicinal treatments are not nearly as effective as adequate prevention of worm infestations. If you're able to work with your vet to establish healthy lifestyle practices for your cat that include limiting his exposure to vectors that can transmit worm eggs to his body, this will be the single best method of treating him.

Eliminate the Vectors

Worms pass into your pet's system via eggs. These eggs will come to rest in your pet's stomach or intestinal tract and will hatch, whereby the worms will begin to feed off of the food that your cat ingests. This process can be eliminated if you work to reduce the total number of potential vectors that can transmit the worms to your cat.

These vectors include feces from other animals, other cats, fleas and other parasites as well.

If your pet is infected with worms, for instance, keep him isolated from all other pets in your home and ensure that the other cats never share the same food or litter box with him until his issue is resolved. Similarly, work to eliminate fleas from your household through natural means or by fitting your pets with flea collars as well. Work to also eliminate any interactions that your pet may have with neighborhood or stray cats, as these other animals are oftentimes vectors for worms too.

Citric Acids

In terms of remedies that you can give to your pet in order to help ease the worms in his system, citric acids are among the best. Solutions of lemon juice and grapefruit juice that are highly concentrated can be useful in small doses to help neutralize the worms in your pet's stomach. Similarly acidic foods can help to kill the worms and then flush them out of your cat's system.

It's important to remember that simply killing the worms themselves will not be sufficient to stop the infestation; there are at any point in time several hundred eggs inside of any cat's intestinal lining if the cat has worms. These eggs must also be flushed out of the system and eliminated in order to prevent future infestation.

Speak with your vet for additional information about how to stop and treat cat worms through natural means.