How to Treat Ringworm Rash on Dogs

Ringworm rash is caused by a contagious type of fungus. The fungus spores develop and grow on warm, moist parts of your pet's skin and the rash develops as a result. It's important that you act promptly to treat your pet's ringworm rash, as ringworm is contagious and can easily be spread to other animals and even to humans as well. Read on for a few tips on how to treat ringworm rash in dogs.

Look Into Oral Medications for Ringworm Rash

If you have taken your dog in to see the vet in regards to the symptoms of his ringworm, ask your veterinarian about the possibility of giving your dog some type of oral medication to help address his ringworm. Antifungal medications are oftentimes inexpensive and can be the best way of dealing with your pet's infection.

With oral medications like The Program, which are natural anti fungal medicines that are specifically designed to address ringworm and parasite problems, you'll provide your pet not only with a set of benefits that can help him to treat his ringworm, but you'll also help to address and prevent a host of other infections and issues as well.

Use Anti Fungal Topical Creams for Rashes

Anti fungal creams are available with or without prescription. Many of the same creams that are used to address fungal infections in humans are effective at reducing ringworm in dogs. It's important to check in with your vet before giving your dog any of these medicines, however. Use a topical anti fungal cream regularly by applying it directly to your pet's ringworm. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after doing so, and monitor your pet closely to be sure that he doesn't attempt to lick or eat the topical cream itself, as these creams can be harmful to his intestinal tract.

Use Medicated Shampoos to Reduce Ringworm

There are also a number of medicated shampoos that are designed to include anti fungal ingredients. These shampoos can help you to reduce the scope of your dog's ringworm by helping to treat the ringworm at the source. Follow the proper instructions for administering your pet's medicated shampoo, and plan to bathe your pet regularly several times in order to fully eliminate the ringworm from his system.

Prevent the Contagion with Lime Sulfer Dips

Lime sulfer dips, which are available at most pet stores and pet supply centers, can dramatically help to reduce the spread of the fungal spores that cause ringworm. One of the things that you should look out for when dealing with your pet's ringworm is the fact that these spores can enter into the atmosphere and be available to cause ringworm on other hosts as well, including other pets and humans too.

Lime sulfur dips can be done at home and will prevent the spores from spreading through the environment. You may wish to do the dip itself outside. It will not harm your dog in any way, but it can stain fabrics and is oftentimes unpleasant to smell.