Invisible Fence Collar Accessories

Accessories for an invisible fence collar vary depending on who the manufacturer is. Some manufacturers of invisible fences provide just a basic containment system, while others provide additional training or safety features.

Accessories for Invisible Fence Collars

  • Replacement batteries are available for all invisible fence collars.
  • Replacement corrections posts are available for most every system. These posts are on the inside of the collar and become loose over time. Replacement posts allow you to put in a new correction post and return the collar the full functionality.
  • Correction post covers allow you to cover the correction post and prevent it from delivering a corrective shock to the dog.
  • Correction post tightening tools are available for those collars that require a special tool to either remove or tighten the correction posts.
  • Replacement nylon collar straps are also available for many invisible fence collars. They are designed to fit the specific transmitters for the individual system.
  • Light up collar attachments are available through some manufacturers. These allow you to see where your dog is at night as it functions in either flashing or steady on mode.
  • In-home transmitter systems work indoors with the invisible fence collar to allow you to create a dog-free zone in your home.
  • Accessories for invisible fence collars vary system to system. Researching the invisible fence product and the accessories available will help you to select the product that works best for you and keeps your dog safe and contained.