Which Dog Fence System is Safest?

As a dog owner, it may be necessary to install some type of dog fence to ensure you can effectively and safely keep your dog inside your yard. Determining which dog fencing system is the safest for your dog requires a bit of research.

A Traditional Fence

A traditional fence was once the only option pet owners had to keep their dogs in their yards, or out of their flower and vegetable gardens. These traditional fences were constructed of wood, chain link or plastic. Howevtraer, traditional fences do pose some problems for pet owners. Some smaller breeds of dogs can dig their way under a fence. Larger breeds can simply leap over them. Some housing districts have codes against constructing specific types of traditional fences.

An Invisible Fence

As a safe alternative to traditional fences, "invisible" electric fences were developed to help pet owners contain their dogs. They can also restrict dogs to a particular area, so that they will stay out of special patches of your yard.

Most invisible dog fences are really a wire buried several inches deep around the perimeter of your yard. A transmitter is then installed nearby, like in your basement or garage. When your dog gets close to the wire, the transmitter will send a signal to the receiver on his collar and he will hear a beep as a warning. If your dog's collar crosses the wire, he will feel a slight shocking sensation, intended to deter him from going any further and to train him as to where his boundaries are.

There are some things to consider before purchasing an electric fence. Electric fences are not recommended for smaller breed dogs, such as chihuahuas, toy poodles and mini pinschers. Pet owners who have dogs that are less than 10 pounds may want to consider other methods of containment. Electric fences are also discouraged for dog owners with very small yards.

The Best Fence

Since a dog must often go outside to do his business or just to have a little romp, he can become distracted by the sights and sounds and odors that present themselves. Investigating these distractions can get him in loads of trouble. Having a neighbor call to complain may be an annoyance, but a trip to the vet after finding your dog in the road is emotionally draining.

We all know that nature is a powerful force, and that when it calls our dogs, there should be a means in place that will prevent them from following their instincts. While an electric fence may deter a dog from going farther than he should, the fact remains that it is possible for even the best trained dog to cross the barrier with ease. The best method of containment for dogs must remain a physical fence. This is the reliable option.