Kidney Diet Dog Food

Diet dog food is commercially formulated canine food that suits the pet's age and health condition present. Although all pets require diets that consist of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber, the amount of nutrients present in diet food varies to suit ailing pets. Diet food is available for dogs suffering from kidney disorders, constipation, diabetes and urinary tract disease. Since kidney disease could lead to kidney failure and death, it's necessary to modify the pet's diet to meet the daily requirements.

Kidney Disease in Dogs

The dog's kidneys perform an important task of removing toxins from the body. If the kidneys fail to perform normally, toxic buildup of waste may occur and lead to death. Since kidney disease can be well controlled if treated at the early stage, pet owners should notice signs such as excessive urination, lack of appetite and excessive thirst and seek medical care.

Diets for Kidney Disease in Dogs

Pets suffering from kidney disease benefit from food that's low in proteins. Although there are several brands that formulate diet food for pets, it's best to choose products that contain high quality ingredients and products free from preservatives or additives. Since several normal food products contain additives, pets suffering from chronic kidney disease are best fed diet food to avoid overworking the kidneys. Several pet owners prefer to feed their pet's homemade food. Although homemade food is agreeable to pets suffering from kidney disease, the food shouldn't include organ meats, dairy and high amounts of sodium. Although increasing research suggests that diets lower in proteins may not be as beneficial as diets lower in phosphorous. Pet owners that feed pets homemade diets should discuss with the vet the ideal diet plan suited to individual pet kidney disorders.

Commercially Available Diet Food for Kidney Disease Includes:

  • Hills Prescription Diet k/d Canine
  • Hills Prescription Diet k/d Canine Dry
  • Purina Canine NF Kidney Function Formula
  • Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Kidney early stage, low residue dog food
  • Iams Veterinary Formula renal early stage dry dog food

Tips for Dog Owners

Prescribed diet food should be administered according to vet instructions. Pets should also have access to fresh water throughout the day. It's important to discuss with the vet the use of supplements or multivitamins to slow kidney disease and replace lost nutrients. Some pet owners choose holistic treatment options to treat dog's suffering from renal disease. Natural or herbal remedies and homeopathy may benefit certain pets. However they shouldn't replace medication or surgery necessary to prevent life-threatening situations. Apart from dietary modification, pets may be prescribed ace inhibitors, potassium supplements and other medicines according to the severity of kidney disease present.


The only way to obtain a definite diagnosis of the severity of kidney disease is through ultrasounds and kidney biopsy. Although there isn't any cure for kidney disease in dogs, the disorder can be prevented from becoming severe or leading to kidney failure.

Dogs suffering from kidney disease require additional home care and attention. Follow up checks are also necessary to determine response to medication and diet modification.