Kitten Diarrhea Treatment

Treating kitten diarrhea promptly and correctly can help guarantee the tiny feline is pouncing at dust bunnies in no time.

Causes of Kitten Diarrhea

A kitten can develop diarrhea for several reasons. Diarrhea can be a side effect of a medication or inoculation. Intestinal parasites and various illnesses can also cause abnormal bowel movements. A kitten’s diet can cause digestive problems, as can the ingestion of a toxic substance.

Kitten Diarrhea Diagnosis

Finding the cause of a kitten’s diarrhea is the first step in treating it. A cat owner will need the assistance of a veterinarian to do this, so an appointment should be made right away. A veterinarian will test a kitten for parasites, a bacterial infection or one that was caused by a virus by taking samples of blood, urine and/or stool. He may also check to see if an intestinal obstruction is present by taking an x-ray image.

If a food intolerance or allergy is thought to be the cause of a kitten’s upset stomach, a veterinarian will most likely suggest a kitten be placed on an elimination diet to help figure out what ingredient he’s not digesting well. Once this ingredient is found, it can be taken out of his diet and supplemented with a different food.

Diarrhea Treatment with Dietary Changes

If a kitten has to wait a while to see a veterinarian, one can choose to withhold food from him for a few hours to see if this helps lower the occurrence of loose stool. But remember: the kitten will need to have plenty of fresh water available. A kitten with diarrhea should be fed bland foods like plain yogurt or rice with cooked ground beef. Grapefruit seed extract (a few drops in the food) or a bit of fiber supplements can also help a kitten overcome his stomach problems.

Diarrhea Treatment after Eating a Toxin

If a toxic substance caused the diarrhea, the kitten’s treatment will depend on what the toxin is. Sometimes a toxin can make a kitten terminally ill. Eating garbage can make a kitten sick and not allowing a kitten to eat for a certain period of time can help normalize his stomach.

Diarrhea Treatment with Medication

A kitten that has parasites causing him to have diarrhea will begin to feel much better once he begins a de-worming treatment. An infection caused by a virus or bacteria can also cause diarrhea in a kitten. If a veterinarian finds this sort of problem, the kitten will be prescribed an antibiotic or anti-viral treatment that will help stop his diarrhea. At the same time, though, certain medications can cause diarrhea in a kitten. If this is the case, consult the kitten’s veterinarian before discontinuing its use.

Diarrhea Treatment by Clearing Intestinal Blockages

If a veterinarian finds an intestinal blockage is causing a kitten to have gastrointestinal problems, surgery is most likely the answer to help relieve the small feline’s symptoms.

Kitten diarrhea can be annoying, especially for the cat. Prompt treatment of the symptom can help ease the kitten’s belly aches and lessen the amount of times a cat owner will have to scoop his litter box.