Are Kitten Whiskers Breaking Off a Serious Concern?

There are many theories as to why kitten whiskers break. Kittens are little mischief-makers who love to roughhouse, frolic and pounce on anything that moves. One theory is that this excessive motion can lead to them breaking off their whiskers. Whiskers are connected to sensitive facial nerves, and help cats to navigate their environments and to keep their equilibrium. Another theory is that mother cats groom their kittens by biting off their whiskers so that they will not wander away. There are also some breeds of cat that just do not grow long, luxurious whiskers.

Should I Worry About My Kitten's Whiskers?

Whatever the reason is for the whisker breakage, the breakage itself should not be a cause for serious concern unless it recurs on a regular basis. Whisker breakage may then be diet or health-related, and may actually be more of a case of fully falling out than breaking.

There is also a gene called a rex gene that can lead to wavy fur and kinky, brittle whiskers that are more prone to breaking. There is very little risk associated with this gene. However, a visit to the veterinarian may be in order if you think your kitten is sick or not getting the right amount of nutrients in his diet.