Low Fat Dog Food

Low fat dog food is recommended for pets that suffer from certain health concerns such as obesity, pancreatitis and age related disorders. Since several pets suffer from obesity, it's necessary to alter the dietary intake by reducing fat consumption and providing dogs with wholesome meals to meet their recommended needs.

Components of a Health Diet

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Fiber

Balanced Diets

All the components of food should be present in specific amounts. Proteins are usually derived from an animal source such as beef or chicken and contain amino acids that promote nitrogenous compounds in the dog's body. Carbohydrates are available as simple sugars and crude fibers. They're derived from certain vegetables such as beet, potatoes and grain like rice. The amount of carbohydrate incorporated in the diet should suit the pet's level of exercise, activity and age. Balanced meals also contain 5 to 15 percent of fats. Fats are necessary as they help digest certain vitamins like vitamin A, D and K. The fat content is altered in pet's suffering from health concerns. In addition to these main components of food, the diets should include vitamins and minerals to promote good skin, eyes and tissue growth.

Low Fat Dog Food

The dog's weight should be monitored as overweight pets are susceptible to various diseases. The overall calorie intake should be reduced and pets should be prescribed low fat diets. Pancreatitis is a condition that can also be treated with a low fat diet and exercise. However, the reduction in fat intake may cause vitamin A and E deficiency, particularly if the meal is homemade. In order to prevent vitamin deficiency the food can be enriched with salmon oil. There are various low fat commercial diets that suit pets in varying age groups. Pet owners should read food labels carefully, to determine if the diet is beneficial to pets.

Commercially Available Low Fat Diets

  • Innova low fat adult dry dog food
  • Midwestern pet foods pro pac low fat dog food
  • California natural low fat rice and lamb meal adult
  • Hill's science diet adult light small bites dog food

Components of Low Fat Dog Food

Most commercial low fat dog diets contain a good source of protein that maintains the skeletal system and muscles. The diets also contain essential fatty acids, and a balance of vitamins and minerals.

Feeding Instructions

Low fat diets such as the hill's science adult food should be administered according to the dog's weight. The daily recommendation varies if the dog is prescribed a weight loss diet or a weight management diet. Any change in diet should also be gradual. It's best to incorporate a little amount of new food with the dog's normal food and completely switch the diet within 7 days. Pet owners should look for low fat pet food that's tested and certified. Since most dogs are prescribed low fat diets, it's advisable to monitor pet health during the diet, by conducting vet checks and diagnostic tests.

Although few pets require low fat diets for life, other pets may be fed normal diets after the health concern is treated with diet and medication.