Maltese Dog Grooming Tips

Maltese dog grooming is a crucial part of owning this breed, because they have an intensive grooming routine that must be done at least every other day. It's important to begin your Maltese dog grooming regime as soon as you bring your puppy home, so he gets used to it as an adult.


A Maltese needs a complete brushing every day or every other day, so begin to condition your dog to the brush as soon as you bring him home. Start by restraining your puppy and waiting for him to get calm. Reward with a treat. Then brush for only a few seconds and release when the puppy starts struggling. Gradually build up to brushing the entire coat.

To brush, lift up top hair and start brushing the undercoat first. Use a metal comb or brush to get through all the hair and remove tangles and mats. Once the bottom layer is brushed, brush the top layer down. Use a special dog rubber band to pull hair around the eyes out of the face, unless you are going to trim facial hair away from the eyes.

Don't forget to brush his belly and tail area, where dogs are prone to get mats because the areas are forgotten.

Tear Stains

Most Maltese also develop tear stains, which are small brown stains coming from the eyes in a path that tears may travel. There are many products that remove these stains, but mild soap and warm water can work as well. Gently apply to tear stains, being careful of your dog's eyes.

Ear Care

Maltese are prone to ear infection because they have floppy ears that tend to grow a lot of hair on the inside. It's important to keep the ears cleaned and clipped to avoid unnecessary ear infections.

Ears can be cleaned like any other floppy ear dog, with special products or simply soap and water. Don't wipe too deep in the ear because you risk damaging the ear drum. Use cotton balls to clean the ear flaps and a Q-tip to clean only the part of the ear canal that you can easily see. Put baking soda or special ear powder on your fingers and gently rub around the hair in the ear canal. Gently pluck it out, because it isn't painful to your dog. However, avoid pulling out hair on the ear flap, which will hurt.

Feet Care

Maltese also may grow hair between their foot pads, which can be uncomfortable and make it difficult for them to grip on slippery surfaces. This can cause an altered gait. Be sure to trim hair in between your dog's toes and foot pads.

It's also important to trim your dog's nails regularly because smaller dogs have more difficulty wearing down nails on the pavement. Gradually build your Maltese's comfort to nail clippers as you did the brush, exposing him only in brief sessions at first when only one or two nails get cut. Use lots of treats and praise.

The Maltese dog grooming routine can be difficult and time consuming, so consider this before investing in one. However, with training, the grooming routine can be a relaxing bonding experience.