Dog Grooming Tips for Removing Mats

Mats may often form in the fur of your dog, especially in longer haired dog breeds. Hair mats may be complicated to remove. However, there are a few dog grooming tips for removing mats which can help you. It is important to protect the dog and avoid cutting or hurting the skin when removing the mat.

Brushing and Combing

When you notice your dog has mats that need to be removed, you should try brushing and combing your pet’s hair first. Some mats may be removed through brushing. Get a pin brush and use gentle moves to make sure you won’t pull out the hair of your pet. You may also use a comb when trying to remove the mats. If you don’t succeed removing the mats, you should try brushing and combing until you make the mat smaller, so that the amount of hair you have to cut is reduced.

Use Clippers

If the mats cannot be removed with brushes or combs, you will have to cut the matted hair. Clippers are more recommended than scissors. If you don’t have pet clippers, you can opt for a small pair of scissors.

Place a Comb between the Mat and the Clipper

Isolate the matted hair by placing a comb between the hair and the skin; this will ensure that you won’t cut the skin. Get the clippers or the scissors and cut the mat that is over the comb.


If you cannot use the comb method, as the matted hair is located very close to the dog’s skin, you should get a pair of scissors. Carefully place the scissors so that the blades are facing up. Try cutting upwards, in the direction that is opposite to the skin. Try to remove the entire mat in one cut.

Another way to remove the mat with scissors will involve a lot of time and patience. However, this is the safest method to eliminate the hair mats.

Open the scissors and place it at the base of the mat; cut the mat in 2 smaller mats, making sure that the blade doesn’t touch the dog’s skin. Try cutting up or disentangling the mat with the scissors, without removing the hair. Then thoroughly comb the dog’s hair.

Get Help

If your dog will not be cooperative, you should get someone to help you hold the dog, while you remove the mats. If the dog is agitated, you may accidentally cut the skin and cause wounds.

You may also perform the mat removal after a long walk or a workout session, so that your dog is tired and will not put up resistance. Prior to removing the mats, you may massage your dog, so that he will be relaxed and more cooperative.

Always make sure that what you remove are mats not other unusual skin growths.

You can prevent the formation of mats by grooming your dog on a regular basis and using suitable brushes and combs.