Home Remedies for Managing a Dog Fever

Dog fever is a medical indication that something is wrong with your pet. If you check your dog's gums and find that they are not healthy pink in color it is likely that your dog is sick. The vet will conduct tests to rule out any serious sickness. The most common cause of fever is a virus or an infection. Dogs can also contract valley fever from low desert regions. You can make your pet feel more comfortable and help him to recover by following simple home remedies.

Dog Fever Treatment Home Remedies:

  • Give your dog plenty of water, fluids.
  • Try covering him with a blanket if he is shivering, although some dogs may not prefer this.
  • Use a cold compress on his stomach to bring relief.
  • Wrap a cool towel to bring down the temperature.
  • Give him homemade soup by boiling chicken and vegetables in water.
  • Let your dog choose a spot to rest that he finds most comfortable.
  • Keep the room cool and keep your dog indoors.

Normal temperatures in dogs range from 100.5 to 102.5 degrees. After using a cold compress, if high temperature doesn't decrease, take your pet to the vet immediately as unexplained fever can cause internal damage that's sometimes permanent. You will have to closely monitor the fever. If you're using a rectal thermometer, lubricate it with petroleum jelly and gently insert it. Consider buying a digital thermometer as they are accurate and quick and the temperature is taken from your dog's ear canal.

If your dog refuses to drink water try giving him a few ice cubes to lick. Closely monitor your dog if he is suffering from fever and notice any change in behavior, urine or stool. This will help your vet diagnose the sickness.