Medical Dental Cat Food

Cat food can play a role in your pet’s dental health, and depending on the state of your cat’s teeth, she may need a special diet to help keep them clean and tartar-free.

We’re going to take a look at the different prescription dental diets so you can make an informed choice if your veterinarian recommends this type of diet for your cat, but first we’ll look at feline dental disease.

The Effects of Feline Dental Disease

Dental disease can be a serious health problem for your cat. It’s estimated that 70 percent of American cats suffer from gum disease by age 3, and gum disease doesn’t confine itself to your cat’s mouth. Bacteria from infected gums can enter your cat’s bloodstream and damage her heart, kidneys and liver, which is why it’s important to keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy.

The easiest way to maintain your cat’s overall oral health is through a combination of professional cleaning, at-home care and dietary changes as recommended by your veterinarian.

Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Feline

Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Feline is a dry adult cat food that’s been specially designed to clean exposed tooth surfaces and reduce plaque levels in your cat’s mouth. It can reduce tartar buildup and tooth stains with regular use, according to the manufacturer.

Hill’s t/d should be offered as your cat’s only food following dental cleanings to help maintain oral health. You can transition your pet to her new diet over the course of about a week, gradually increasing the amount of Hill’s t/d and decreasing the amount of her former diet. Also be sure to provide your pet with plenty of clean, fresh drinking water while she’s on this diet.

Purina Veterinary Diet DH Dental Health Feline Formula

Purina Veterinary Diets® DH Dental Health® Feline Formula is a daily diet designed to help adult cats control tartar and plaque levels in their mouths. The diet does this through the use of a patented kibble texture that helps clean teeth with regular use.
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Dental DD 27

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Dental DD 27 helps reduce plaque and tartar in your cat’s mouth through the use of a larger-dimension kibble and special ingredients. The combination of the brushing action of the kibble and the ingredients that make it difficult for tartar to form keeps plaque and tartar from building up in your cat’s mouth.

This diet is designed for adult cats only. It does not require the addition of water to the food, although water should be available to your cat at all times. The Royal Canin diet is designed to be fed as your cat’s primary diet to help maintain her oral health.

Wysong Dentacet

Wysong Dentacet is a dry food designed to help adult cats maintain good oral health. It is designed to be fed as your cat’s main diet to help keep her gums and teeth healthy. Dentacet is not designed for use with pregnant or nursing cats. Introduce this diet to your cat gradually because digestive upsets can occur if your pet is switched to this diet too quickly.