Canine Prescription Diet Formulas Examined

Canine prescription diets are available to support and treat many dog health conditions. Available from your veterinarian, they are formulated to combat many of the common canine health issues facing companion animals today.

Prescription Diets are a brand name therapeutic diet manufactured by Hill's Pet Nutrition. Depending upon your dog's medical condition, your veterinarian will prescribe a dry or canned food that meets your dog's needs. These are not dog medication products, rather they are foods formulated to target specific problems and effect changes to your dog's digestion, immune response, kidney and liver function, blood pressure and/or glucose levels.

Preventing Allergies for Canine Health

Elimination diets require that all possible allergens be removed from a dog's food. Prescription Diet® Canine z/d® Ultra Allergen Free dog is formulated, according the company website, with "Hydrolyzed Protein SystemTM, a process that breaks down intact animal proteins and significantly reduces the possibility of an adverse reaction to food." Joint and Mobility Problems

Formulated with EPA (Eicosapentanoic Acid), an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil, j/dTM Canine formula helps to build and maintain cartilage for joint health and comfort. Improved mobility means more exercise and better long-term health.

Dog Health Against Liver Disease

Dogs with liver disease need a diet formulated with high quality protein. This is not always the case with typical commercial foods, so a specially designed food that supports and rebuilds liver tissue is critical. Your veterinarian may prescribe l/d® Canine for the liver. Bladder Stones

Bladder stones and urinary tract diseases are common in dogs and can be painful and dangerous. Crystals and stones can obstruct the flow of urine-a condition that can be fatal. Prescription Diet® s/d® dog food will dissolve stones, eliminating the need for surgery.

Weight Control for Dog Health

Yes, dogs are getting fatter, too. Obesity can cause heart disease, joint problems and other preventable illnesses, but it's not always easy to strike the right balance between calories, fiber and proper nutrition. To safely and quickly lose weight without sacrificing health, r/d® Canine diets will provide the right mix. Low fat and low calorie, it is designed to make dogs feel full faster, eliminating the pleading, starving look that helped them pack on the pounds in the first place.

Dental Disease

Without proper dental care, most dogs are at risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease. More than just a cause of bad breath, dental disease can lead to heart and liver diseases as bacteria accumulates and spreads throughout the body. A diet designed to reduce plaque buildup will keep your dog's breath fresh and body healthy. T/d® Canine contains special ingredients that scrub the teeth and gum line for better oral health.

Age Related Behavior Problems

As he ages, behavioral changes may occur in your dog. Sick dogs show obvious signs of illness, but an older dog be developing cognitive problems that are not apparent. B/d® food contains antioxidants and nutrients that fight brain aging and improve cognitive function.

Prescription Diets are designed to keep your dog in top form at every stage of life. They are convenient to feed and may help to prevent many common canine illnesses and disorders without costly medications and invasive treatments.