Using Nail Caps for Cats to Stop Destructive Scratching

Nail caps for cats can stop destructive scratching, without the need for cat declawing. They are safe and easy to use.

Cat Scratching Behavior

Cat scratching behavior is normal, and you simply can't expect your cat to stop scratching. Most cat owners provide a scratching pole, tree or pad for their cat. If your cat persists on scratching whatever she pleases and it is damaging your home, furniture, or even household members, you should try cat nail caps.

Cat Claw Covers: What You Should Know

Cat nail caps are reasonably priced, come in different sizes for cats of different ages and body types, and can even be purchased in different colors. They are applied with adhesive and must be replaced every four to six weeks.


Cat claw covers are easy to apply. You'll need to trim your cat's nails unless he is a kitten. Fill the cap with adhesive to the 1/3 mark, then slide it on the claw. Hold your cat for a minute or two after application so the adhesive can set. Then, you're ready to go!