Applying Soft Claws Nail Caps

Soft Claws nail caps are a safe alternative to declawing that can eliminate cat scratch damage in your home. Soft Claws nail caps are small vinyl caps that attach directly to your cat's claws with glue. They are affordable and easy to apply. Most cats tolerate the caps well, with many not even appearing to notice the difference.

Soft Claws as an Alternative to Declawing

Soft Claws were invented by Dr. Toby Wexler, a veterinarian, in 1990. They are small vinyl caps that you can glue to your cat's claw, to cover it and prevent scratching damage. The caps look like cat's claws, and they're available in many different colors, including a discreet clear version. Soft claws are safe and humane. Your cat won't have to undergo the risks associated with surgery, and he'll suffer none of the painful complications that can accompany declawing procedures.

Benefits of Soft Claws

Soft Claws are painless and easy to apply. The caps themselves and the glue used to apply them are all completely non-toxic, and won't harm your cat even if should he swallow them. They're affordable and long lasting. You'll have to reapply your cat's Soft Claws every four to six weeks, because eventually they fall off when your cat sheds his claws. One package of Soft Claws contains enough caps to last most cats four to six months.

Your cat will still display scratching behaviors after you apply Soft Claws. But with Soft Claws nail caps on, your cat will no longer be able to damage furnishings or cause injury.

Applying Soft Claws Nail Caps

You'll need to trim your cat's nails before applying Soft Claws. If your cat is accustomed to having his nails trimmed regularly, then this part of the job will be easier.

Snip off the sharp tip of your cat's claws, being careful not to cut on the quick, or opaque, part of the nail. That's the part of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerve endings, so cutting here causes bleeding and pain. Make sure you cut the nail from top to bottom, rather than from side to side, to minimize splintering.

If your cat is a kitten, you don't need to trim his nails. Because kittens have smaller claws, you'll need to leave the entire claw intact so that there's adequate surface area for the adhesive to bond with.

Once your cat's nails are trimmed, select nail caps in the sizes you'll need, trying them out on your cat to make sure you've got the proper fit. Begin to glue on the Soft Claws. Fill each nail cap one third of the way full of adhesive.

Encourage your cat to extend his claws by pressing gently on the middle pad of his foot. Once your cat has extended his nails, simply slip the caps on. Restrain your cat for five minutes following the application of Soft Claws nail caps, so that the adhesive has time to dry.