How Effective Are Natural Cat Flea Protection Products?

Cat flea protection is vital to a feline's health and well being. Many products are on the market to help keep cats flea-free, and natural products to combat fleas are becoming more available. But how effective are natural cat flea protection products?

Why Use Natural Flea Control Products?

Natural flea control methods can be a safer alternative to traditional products sold at pet stores. There is a growing concern about the long-term effects of using traditional flea control products as many contain toxic chemicals.

Types of Natural Flea Control Products on the Market

Products offered to control and protect against fleas include a variety of sprays, powders, herbal mixes, drops and collars.

Sprays are to be administered over the cat's entire body and combed-through with a brush or one's fingers. Other products are to only be sprayed between a cat's shoulder blades. Some sprays can also be used on household and furniture items.

Powders are used similarly to sprays, the difference being that the product is dry.

Herbal mixes are to be ingested by the pet. They are used to change an animal's scent to one that will repel fleas. Some essential oils are also used on the back of a cat's neck-like one would use drops-to have the same effect.

How Well Natural Cat Flea Protection Products Work

Many reviews of the spray and powder products have been from happy customers that had an easy time administering the natural product. Many consumers report the natural products work as well as the traditional products found in stores.

The sentiments about the essential oils and herbal recipes are mixed. Some people swear by these items while others were not impressed.

If using natural cat flea protection products, it is important to remember that natural products can also make a pet fall ill if the product is ingested or used incorrectly. Talk to your vet about alternative methods of flea control and products he or she recommends.